Which Clinics Are More Relaxed With Take Homes

Surfboard wizard Says:

I started treatment on methadone 1 year ago and it has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have my life back. I am have been to clinics in CA, NC, and now south carolina. Reno Nevada was pretty lax with take homes but now after transferring to sc with the same company I thought by transfering to same clinic in a different state I would keep take homes. Its the most important thing in my life to get take homes. I absolutely hate going in every day to dose. I am looking for any coastal city (I am a surfboard shape) that has a good clinic with relaxed take home approvals. I'm clean almost always but consume cannabis sometimes cause no one will prescribed me my kpins while im on methadone. California didn't even test for cannabis, but I had no take homes cause that's just how they roll. You get 1 take home every 6 months. Nevada was way child on take homes but any cannabis showing up is disqualifying for take homes. Same with south Carolina,.. I plan on NEVER stopping methadone so I need a clinic. It's the best thing in the world and i will never quit! I'm very honest with myself about my drug use. And I would sacrifice anything for them. Its just an uncontrollable fact. I've been to rehab 10 times. It never works. But methadone does, and very well. I know for a fact I can accomplish anything with my methadone daily. I will move anywhere in the country that has a relaxed methadone take home clinic. Please advise.

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Glor Says:

Hello, I was wondering how you've made out since this post? Did you find a methadone clinic to give you take homes? I know exactly how you feel about taking methadone and not wanting to stop. I've been taking it for 19 years and have never used since day one. I will never get off of it. I've been very successful while taking it and without it I will end up using again.

Does your current clinic fail if you take marijuana? I know it's now legal in my state of NJ. But I'm not sure if they test for it here or will fail you for using it.

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John Says:

Hello I've been going to a methadone clinic for a little over 21 years. At first there was no problem with take homes then after 14 years I was switched to its sister clinic closer to where I live. As soon as I arrived they cut my dose in half and the take home rules at this clinic changed. The doctor in charge of this clinic did not trust anyone. When I had to see him he just blatantly told me all of you coming to the clinic are criminals or drug attics or both and must be treated the same. You all will be treated the same and on the same dose. Anyone knows all people are different and their metabolisms are different but that don't matter. Now u do get take homes up to 6 that's it.Myself I am severely disabled from the military I've had a TBI and been taking Clonazepam 1mg 3 times a day for over 29 years due to severe panic attacks and shaking uncontrollably well u know how that went but that's another story. At this clinic they test for 22 different drugs when u take a drug test. They do a gas spectrometry test EVERY TIME so if u are positive they can tell u the name, brand all that stuff. There is no way to get away with marijuana or ANY minuscule amount of anything. If u are positive your take homes are gone period. A second time u are administratively detoxed off the clinic. I wish there was a way I could get a doctor's prescription for it and not have to go to the clinic anymore due to my condition but cant find one. I hope u find a clinic that is better suited for you. Take care and God Bless.

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