What Will Happen To Me If I Drink 3tablets And Im A Hypertensive Person

Gemma Charvet Says:

Hi..im so depressed when i took 3 tabets of sleepasil so i wnt to sleep and at the same time im not feeling well my heart is like beating so slow and its like someone is leaning on my chest a heavy one which i feel like i can not breath..

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olrac Says:

See a doctor

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Verwon Says:

I second the statement that you need to consult a doctor.

And Sleepasil is actually not a sleeping pill, it is an over the counter supplement that claims to help with sleep, but this is not actually scientifically, or medically proven.


In addition, taking more than the recommended amount isn't safe, just because it is an over the counter product, because some of them can be very potent.

Have you consulted a doctor, yet?

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