What Multivitamins Is Best To Be Taken While Taking Diane 35 Pills

Jen Says:

Is it safe if i will take multivitamins + diane 35 pills? What are the side effects?

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Marissa Says:

Hi Im Marissa,
Im currently on diane 35 for the last 3 months. i have taken diane 35 for the past 4 years to treat Policistic ovaries on and off. and recently three months before i started again. Now timing is such that the 21st pill will finish on the 29th of september which will make me have my periods on the 4th of october which is just two days before my wedding. I want to either have my periods earlier to end before the wedding or delay it for 2 weeks or more until the honeymoon is over, what can i do? is it ok if i stop taking after the 18th tablet?? will i have periods then 4 days after?? let me know what to do and the side effects

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princesddi Says:

I want to be pregnant,what multivitamins I need to take?

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Lee Says:

Hi im lee,i am taking dianne pills now for a couple of months i just want to know if i can take any multivitamins like iron and vitamin c?i need an answer.thank you so much..have a blessful day

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Seanil Says:

Hi i'm seanil..i am taking dianne 35 pills for how many months already,i just want to know if i can take any multivitamins like iron and vitamin c?is there any side effects or it is safe to take this vitamins?hoping for your response..thank you Have a good day!

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Baby Says:

Hi! Im on the 3rd day of my period and i want to take diane 35 pill. Is it possible? Thank you

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Im Rejin Says:

Hi.. Good day.

. I just asking if i will be able to take dianne pills while taking stresatabs i am waiting for your reply

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