What Is The Effect Of Propan Vitamins In Our Body

Jen Says:

What Is The effect Of Propan Vitamins In Our Body? Does it aid in weight gain?

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Fely Says:

I am 67 year.female,4Okls. and without appetite after realeasig in hospital last December 3. Acute Gastritis,low salt in blood vessel.Now I have problem from sleeping habit and less appetite.In my hometown,Philipines we used to take vitamins that can also good sleeping and more we use is Propan the only problem I dont know if I have problem with Iron.And my doctor give me only sleeping tablet every time I tell him I cannot sleep anymore.Iam now in Germany.Can you please give any information of what propan I need or can I take Vitamin B comlex for my nerve and of in this tablet bring to good sleep.

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Verwon Says:

What you can take depends on your overall health, medical conditions and other medications you are taking.

Have you consulted a doctor?

While it is very important to have these nutrients, too much of them can be harmful and can react adversely with some medications and medical conditions.

In addition, since we are based in the U.S., I have no way of knowing what all may be available to you in Germany.


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trix Says:

is it safe to take propan with iron capsule with other vitamins such as ascorbic acid and myra e?

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catherine Says:

can anyone help me about my nasal problem i mostly sneeze and my nose is like there is a blockage inside and sometimes i cant properly breath through my nose can anyone explain it to me and give me advice what is the best thing to do with it

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