Ursocol 300 For Elevated Sgpt?

Hossain Says:

My SGPT is 90.0 U/L. I was wondering if URSOCOL 300 is prescribed to reduce my SGPT level or not. How does URSOCOL 300 help?

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David Says:

From what I was able to gather Ursocol is a product of India. I did however locate the active ingredient which is Ursodeoxycholic Acid. Ursodeoxycholic Acid is listed to be in the US product Ursodiol. Ursodiol helps regulate cholesterol by reducing the rate at which the intestine absorbs cholesterol molecules while breaking up micelles containing cholesterol. Because of this property, ursodeoxycholic acid is used to treat (cholesterol) gallstones non-surgically.

For more information about Ursodiol, please follow the link below...

Hope this helps!

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manash saikia Says:

for what purpose ursocol 300 used for?

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Siraj Sarang Says:

My wife was diagonised with enlarge fatty liver .She is having blood pressure which goes little high recently again back in control.The doctor has prescribed...CTD-L 6.25-twice daily. Ubicar(ubidecarenone&L-carntine) twice daily.Concor AM 5..Once....Ensules plus-400 once..
Please kindly advice...

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Kumar Says:

I am diagnosed with fatty liver infiltration in USA. I had similar problems 10 years before when I was living in India. At that time doctor could not diagnose, then just gave me Ensules plus 200 capsule and some b protein powder. After some months approx 4 to 5u month, I was feeling completely better and almost aftet 10 years I am getting same complications. Can anybody tell, is there Ensules plus 200 available in USA? Or any other alternative of Ensules plus 200, which have similar benefits and available in USA? Anybody know really vitamin e is better for fatty liver? Thanks and any reply will be apreciated..

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Kumar Says:

Hi..Siraj, thanks for your post..I am also diagnosed with fatty liver..any advice would be appreciated..thanks

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Ravi Says:

My wife is using half Ursocol tablet for last 3 months. Initially she used 2 Ursocol 150 per day for 3 months as suggested by doctor(gastrontoligist) and then 1 tablet for lat two months.

1. Can she continue to use for extended period? If she stops using it digestion is a problem and feels always filled even after drinking water. She also uses tablet Pantodac for gas problem.

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parimeena Says:

Sgpt...280..sgot....149..... in my wife please tell me

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Kumar Says:

I tried different solution..But Now I feel good. I am taking whey protein powder with Milk two times a day and it helped me a lot..Thanks.

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Manish Seangraj Says:

MY SGPT is 82 and SGOT is 53 . Doctor give me UROCOL 300 Twice daily. Is it Okay.

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Dulumoni Says:

My husband .sgpt107, sgot 100 and ggpt107 last 4 month he take urscol300 twice daily and razo 20 but not reducing the level of sgpt,sgot why

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venkat Says:

Manish my sgpt 128 sgot 98.. Doctor prescibed me ursocol 300 twice a day for month

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Hannan Says:

1.5 month ago sgpt 61 uric acid 9 Tg 308 fatty lever.Dr suggest febustat 80 0+0+1, ursocal 300mg 1+0+1, fenocap 0+0+1. Now no chest pain but B.result Sgpt 70, Tg 225 uric acid 4.1. I don't know why sgpt increase .now febustat+fenocap running. Is it rightly ?

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Vinod Says:

My SGOT is 86
My SGPT IS 12Can urosodil 300 BDS help

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Binod Says:

I have just done the USG and found Liver is enlarged in size with diffuse bright echogenic parenchyma . Margin is regular. No SOL seen with in liver.
No any other problem.
Pl advice can I take Ursocol 300

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Amit Says:

Iam suffering from fatty liver grade 3 with sgpt 236&sgot90 plse told medicine during from 6month

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Nilesh Says:

I had my gallbladder removed 3 years ago, but now my sgpt increased to 65. Can I use Ursodiol 300 tablets after having my gallbladder removed? Please advise.

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