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Ejaz Says:

i have a loose motion since 20 day....have consult with doctor two time but has not any effect doctor cure me through drips tablets and syrup.what i can do please suggest me,he has also takes my test but those report was positive.

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mono Says:

Its urgent.

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Verwon Says:

Hi, Ejaz! Sorry about the issue that you're having.

What medications did you already try?

And what test was positive?

Before anyone might be able to help, more specific details are needed.

Have you changed anything in your diet recently that may be causing the problem?

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mono Says:

Could u please help as m having same prb. Plz help if possible.

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Loobyloo Says:

Hi I am currently on holiday in Goa and have had diarreaha for the last 7 days. Dr prescribed Loobid on 8/1/2105 and as recently as yesterday 10/1/2015 ViBact. My diarreaha hasn't stopped. Can I also take Imodium with these tablets? Thank you.

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