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Titanium Dioxide BP

For sleeping disorders?? ## As far as I know Titanium Dioxide is not ingested at all, rather it's found in sunblocks. ## My neuro explained to me that the purpose to prescribe Gabapentin was to help reduce my chronic pain so it will me help me sleep at night. ## Titanium Dioxide is in EVERYTHING.....Medication's, cosmetic's, food, toothpaste...you have to read the INACTIVE Ingredients list! It is used as a whitener, as well as like an oil to make products more smooth flowing. ## Yoopergirl is correct, titanium dioxide is an inactive ingredient in some medications. Gabapentin is the active ingredient, it is an anticonvulsant that is also used to treat some types of nerve pain. It may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, mood changes, and weight changes. Is...

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titanium dioxide use in prescription medicines

How dangerous is the use in prescription medicines? ## I have been prescribed Ferrous Fumerate 305mg capsules BD. My Ferattin levles has been quite low and I have experienecd alopicia. I am concerned that the capsules have 4 artifical colouring: E104 (quinoline yellow), E127(erythrosine), E132 (indigotine), E171 (titanium dioxide) most of which have been banned in other countries. I plan on taking th emedication fo ronly 3 months to raise my ferattin levels which will help my hair grow back. What should I be doing to reduce the toxicity from the medication as I am on a fairly high dose? ## Regarding the titanium dioxide, as well as other ingredients that you both have questioned, I think we sometimes forget that the amount of them in any given medication is minuscule, so you really aren...

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Titanium Dioxide poisoning?

I have been unsuccessful as yet in finding information about titanium dioxide overload. I have been taking a variety of medications that contain T.D. And seem to have become "overloaded" with it. Med's that previously were not of bother now mysteriously cause a variety of disturbing & dangerous side effects. When taking anything containing T. D. I become lethargic (To the point of waiting until the last minute to do basic life-needs), experience body-wide excruciating aches & pains & generally feel like I am dying. Last winter I began to feel like this increasingly without knowing the problem. One day I watched a report on Oxycontin, which I was taking for chronic pain, where the mother of a young man taking it for pain described his deterioration as if she were ...

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titanium dioxide allergic reaction

Son had severe migraine, sweaty after taking Mucinex Max ## Hello, Willie! How is your son? Those can actually be side effects of such a medication, not necessarily an allergic reaction. The FDA lists other possible side effects as including nausea, dizziness, nervousness and dry mouth. Allergic reactions usually include symptoms, such as hives, body swelling, skin rash and trouble breathing. Is he one any other medications? He may also have experienced some type of interaction.

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Is There Soy Or Gluten In The Zinc 50 Mg

is there any Gluten egg or zinc in the PharmAssure 50 mg Zinc tablet? ## Hi Gina, The only details I could gather, are that on PharmAssure's Calcium, Magnesium & Zinc tablets; which do not contain any of the ingredients you mentioned, except for Zinc..but I'm not sure if you mistakenly or intentionally put Zinc down, since the tablet in question is in fact a Zinc supplement. The only other ingredients listed outside of those minerals are: Cellulose and Titanium Dioxide (Natural Mineral Whitener). That said, I do believe that this company keeps gluten and eggs outside of their products, but in order to know for certain about that particular tablet, one would need to look on the packaging label or contact the manufacturer directly. I hope this helps!

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