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anti psychotic ## this is a made up drug from the film The Exorcism Of Emily Rose. It does not exist ## The original post was made over 2 years ago, so I doubt this person will read it now. However, this information is great to have on here for anyone in the future who might hear this drug name mentioned and look for more information. Maura is correct, this drug DOES NOT EXIST! It was totally invented for the movie. It does sound like it may be a real drug, because the writers of the script did follow FDA guidelines for naming drugs when they created it, but once again, IT IS NOT REAL!!! ## Gambutrol is a derivative of the word 'game' or 'gaming' - a direct reference to the fictionalized (though more or less accurate) depiction in the film 'The Game'. The filmmak...

Memo plus gold and epilepsy medication

Hi. Besides taking my epilepsy medication daily, can i take memo plus gold as well? To control my headaches, improve my memory and curing my epilepsy. ## What epilepsy medication do you take? In theory a nutritional supplement should be safe to take, but I can't be certain and provide you with any information, without knowing what medication you take. Learn more nutritional supplement details here. ## I have epilepsy ang i am taking tegretol SR as my medication. Can i take memo plus gold as well? ## Currently I'm taking levetiracetam for epilepsy..250g in the morning and 500g at night. ## Im taking Lamictal for epilepsy.Is it safe to take both at the same time?thank u!! ## hi, would the supplement memo plus gold help treat my epilepsy? ## Hi. Currently I'm taking Keppra for ...

White round pill with T and two dots

I found a white round pill that had a T and 2 dots on one side and a line down the middle on the other side, can anyone tell me what it is? ## Tegretol, it is a seizure medication. ## Thank you Chris, but can you please provide a reference of some sort? Or at least the name of the manufacturer or NDC code?

Oxetol 600mg & rispond 10mg for last 30 years.

I was a alcoholic & drug addict from 1980 to 1991. medication was started in 1985 . I was put on tegretol 600 & risnia 10 . Later it was changed to respond 10 &oxetol 600 . other tablets betacab 20 & parking. Before it was morning & night dosages going as high as oxetol 900 . Now i take all tablets at night. Side effects are reduced but have them. I have been a teetotaler from 1991 to this day but medication has not stopped. Please advice ## I am from India, Karnataka state, Mangalore city. I was prescribed these medications. First 15 years I was on tegretol 600 & risnia 10. I got detoxed 4 times. Once for one year, when I made up my mind to stop ganja, brown sugar injections & tidijesic injections. And also one bottle of rum I used to have daily for 11 years...

Does tegretol show up in a drug test

I have a drug test Wednesday at the parole office and took 2 tegretol. Will it show up? ## I have been taking tegretol and it has been coming back as a barbituate. I don't take anything except that. ## is showing up on mine as a barbituate as well.

Same or not tegretol LP retard 400mg and tegretol CR prolonged release

whats the difference between tegretol 400mg LP retard and tergretol CR 400mg prolonged release ## They are the same, just different names used for it in a few different countries. Learn more Tegretol details here. However, they are considered interchangeable. Is there anything else I can help with? ## HAT IS THE SIDE EFFECT OF TACKING SOLIAN 400mg and heptamyl 178.5 and tregatol 400mg and parikzol and traxene 10mg.for long period . ## I am taking Tegretol -XR 400 mg twice a day for about 30 plus years as a maintenance medication for seizure control. I do not have any seizure attack since then. Because of price , I am considering to change TEGRETOL CR 400 mg dose, but I am skeptical see, if it works. Both medications are made by NOVARTIS company, however I can not get the chemical compos...

Tegretol side effects

I have trigeminal neuralgia and my doctor ordered 200mg tegretol two times a day. After day 2 of taking this medicine, I noticed nose bleeds and bleeding from lower areas that are not supposed to bleed. Anyway, wondering how long it will take to get out of my system and would there be any lingering effects that I'd need to see the doctor again for? Oh, and where the heck is this blood coming from? I have no insurance and pay cash for each visit so I am trying to be cheap here! ## Hello, Laura! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem that you're having. This medication has been known to cause blood in the urine and stool, as reported by the FDA, though that is a very rare side effect. You may also experience rapid weight gain, trembling, nausea, dizziness and trouble concent...

tegretol xr

i am taking tegretol xr and just got prescribed suboxone will there be and negative interactions ## i am taking tegretol and have just began taking suboxone. what are any adverse reactions, if any? ## The U.S. FDA does warn that there could be some dangerous issues from combining the 2, such as respiratory distress, coma, or death. Not all are that serious, of course, those are the worst case scenario symptoms. Other issues might include nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, headache, and sedation. How are you doing taking them both?

What Drugs Test Positive For Methamphetamine?

I had a false positive for amphetimine. I take tegretol, lithium, lamictyl, neurontin, geodon. wellbutrin, viibryd, zocor, synthroid, backlofin, klonipin. What I really want to know is which medication or combo of medications listed could make me come up with a false positive. ## I take 800- 1200 mg daily of tegretol. I recently had to do a pre access drug test for work and tested positive for methamphetamine. Is it possible that my prescription caused this ? ## I went to court today and tested positive for methamphetamine and I hate that drug. So my urine was sent to a lab for further information but I take benzonatate 100MG cap, methylpred 4MG pak, Diclofenac 75MG DR Tab, hydrocod/ACETA 5-325 MG TAB, AZITHROMYCIN 250MG PAK, CYCLOBENZAPR 10MG TAB, PROAIR HFA AER. WILL THIS MAKE A 7 PAN...

Refilling an out of state script for Tegretol

While visiting in PA, I realised that I was going to run out of my Tegretol. Will I be able to refill my prescription in PA? I'm not leaving until Monday. ## You should be, since it is not a controlled substance, but it is up to the pharmacy in question, so you might be better served to check with more than one. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, mood changes, and weight changes. Did you have any luck?

Targin & Nerve pain

Hi, I have severe Nerve pain caused by Pudendal Neuralgia. I won't take Endone because of the constipation it causes which makes the Nerve pain worse. I have just been given Targin as we are running out oh options. I also take Tegretol and Lyrica at the highest doses and they do nothing! ## Hello, Sheila! How are you? Targin is listed as containing Oxycodone and Naloxone, so you may experience better results with it. The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Have you tried it, yet? ## Hi all. Please advise how many times you can have hernia repairs done? Previously I had nine repairs recently, I had it done and a mesh was put in...

Hair loss

My partner bashed me in the head and started the onset of complex parcial seisures. I have tryed Tegretol, Epelim &Topamax but all cause hairloss. I have stopped medication for now and would like to find a drug that stops hair loss. My hair has started to grow back after stopping all drugs 8 months ago ## If it has finally started growing back, then it may just be best to let it do it naturally, without medication interference. However, one that is used to increase hair growth is Spironolactone, it is used to treat many medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, as a diuretic, to replace potassium and etc. Hair growth is one of its side effects. You can learn more about it here: I've been taking the lowest dose available, for my blood pressure and low potassium levels and ...

Weight gain on Epitec and Tegretol

Hi, I am on epitec 150mg in the morning and 250mg at night, as well as tegretol cr 400mg twice a day. My weight is piling on and causing me to be so depressed. What can I do? ## Weight gain can be a side effect of these medications, according to NIH reports. You may also experience headache, dry mouth, and mood swings. You could try asking your doctor about trying medications that are more weight neutral, otherwise, eating healthy and stepping up the amount of exercise you get are the only other real options to combat it. Are you on any other medications, or just these 2?

Prescription of Tegretol produced sjs

My doctor didn't warn or conduct any evaluation before prescribing this drug for the herpes my daughter developed and I want to know the procedure of prescription? ## This medication is listed as containing the active ingredient Carbamazepine, which is used to prevent seizures, most commonly ones caused by epilepsy. My husband takes it for his every day, twice daily. The NIH lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, drowsiness, and mood changes. This will not do anything to help with herpes. Is she on any other medications? Are you certain she has herpes? ## Docotor stated that she is suffering from herepes. it is an admitted fact. I want to know whether genetic test is mandatory for prescribing tegretol in india.

hypersensitive reaction to tegretol

I have trigeminal neuralgia and will need to change medication (been on Gabapentin for 11 yrs) since it is not working well for pain control. I am HLAB 27 positive and per drug info on tegretol usage: anyone who is positive for HLAB 1502 or HLA 3101 will develop steven johnson syndrome which creates an emergency situation leading to hospital admission. I ask if anyone has experience with tegretol usage leading to such a reaction? I plan to be evaluated for both conditions. ## I finally found a MD who has been helpful in diagnosing and treating my problem without usage of tegretol. I hope no one else has to deal with this issue.

Pur Bloka Side Effects

I am using pur-bloka for severe heart palpitation. Unfortunately is does not help for heart palpitation, i'm getting severe hot flushes, and i am so tired, i can't keep my eyes open the whole day. And the worst, i am so emotional, i am crying about everything everyday!! Please help ## I have one week using pur bloka, diagnosed with migraine headach, since using this medication I am Clumsy always tired at work, so emotional, cry everytime the work i am doing doesnt require this kind of my attitude it is very difficult and my commander dont understand dont even want to give me lighter duty ## I'm sorry to hear that your commander won't understand because it is very difficult. I've stopped the purbloka and now i'm having the heart palpitations again..... Good luck t...

Friendsi Am Suffering From Trigiminal Nuralgia And A Lotno Medicine Is Really Effecting Any Suggestionsplz Help

I am suffering from Trigimenal Nuralgia,trying medicine like Tegeral but not effect.Ant remeady,the sever pain comes and go but the frequency is too nuch high,NS ## NS, I have Trigeminal Neuralgia as well so I understand your pain. If you have the Typical or Type 1 TN, which are the "electric bolt pain" too your head, unfortunately, only anti-seizure Meds will only stop that. If Tegretol didn't help, talk to your Neurologist about trying others. There are many to try. If you have Atypical or Type 2 TN, which is the constant burning nerve pain, yes, narcotics have helped a lot of TN sufferers, including myself. Most likely you will need to see a pain specialist to receive any pain Meds. I have found most Neurologists stick only with anti- seizure meds only. I have had TN sinc...

my use of tegretol

I would like to know if anyone else has had the same problem as me. I have been taking Tegretol since I was 20 so that makes it 26 years for me. I was told I have little bone in my gums and my teeth are going to fall out. I have had perfect teeth my whole life!!!! Has anyone else had this problem. ## Hello, Amina! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem that you're having. I've just read over the full list of possible side effects, as provided by the U.S. FDA and I've not found this listed anywhere, nor has it been reported by other users. Its typical side effects usually include nausea, drowsiness, headache, irritability, mood swings and weight changes. It has been known to cause dry mouth, but that while that could contribute to tooth decay, it shouldn't cause bon...

p t p

Am pregnant and am on tegretol. Am also taking pregnacare original. Is it safe. Please I need your advice. ## Make sure you tell your baby doctor. It is high risk, but I have had 3 healthy kids. Your baby can have birth defects, etc... Your going to have to have your tegretol level checked every month and you will have to take more and more. Just make sure your doctor knows and keep track of your blood pressure too. Good Luck!!!!!!

Need to stop Tegretol side effects now.

I took 1 Tegretol (first time) today. I am dizzy, falling down, room is spinning. My daughter is getting married tomorrow. I need these side effects to go away now. I am also on Lamictal, Clonipin and Vyvanse. Can someone please give me any specific advice as to get rid of the side effects now. I would never be able to function at my daughter's wedding as I am now. ## Wow, Sarah! I am very sorry! Starting so close to her wedding was likely not a great idea. Did your doctor advise this? How are you feeling? How did the wedding go? There's really no way to get rid of side effects that fast, it takes time for them to wear off. ## My Son AK (6 yr) has been on Tegretol since his 3rd seizure attack (primary generalized seizure as per EEG) on June 18-2014. The initial dose has been pro...


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