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Has everyone given up on contacting Caraco Labs, the manufacturer of Synalgos-DC? We have called several times but most recently, all we can get is in answering machine. Prior to the answering machine, a woman took the calls and each time we spoke, she gave a different date as to when Caraco would be marketing this wonderful pain medication. Our pharmacist tells us that every night when he sends in his orders, Synalgos-DC is always on the list. I think he has given up, too, for he hasn't tried to call in a couple of weeks. When I checked, the medication is still listed. Does anyone have any recent news about what's going on with this medication?

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Our local Walgreen's says it should be off of backorder about 2/1/10. We'll see.

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Well,, my pharmacist says the company has still not released a new date for Synalgos DC. I asked him Monday this week. Ive called, and written and to date, have recieved NO reply. They last time I had my prescription refilled was 7/26/09 and the manufacturer on the bottle was Leitner Ph. I didnt know the manufacturere had changed till i read this website. I dont want to change meds, this one has always been the one that worked for my migranes.

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Has anyone tried the excedrin for migrane??

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Cardaco is the distributor of synalgos dc, not the manufacturer. the manufacturere is this company.

1750 Chattahoochee Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30318

Toll Free: 888-4MIKART
Telephone: 404-351-4510
FAX: 404-350-0432

General Information
[email protected]

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I read your posts and have to say that i am very concerned! why in the world would you ever buy a product that caraco makes! they got shut down by the fda for quality reasons and that there were metal shavings in the pills!! ther must be better places to buy your medication then caraco. I read that they are not manufacturing due tio the fda shut down and dont have a re-start date to manufacture. When it comes to your health....why would you trust that to a company that does not care about quality!!

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Synalgos DC contains the active ingredients Acetaminophen, Caffeine and DiHydrocodeine.

That said, this same formulation is available under a different trade name from a different company, it is called Panlor DC and Panlor SS.

You may wish to ask your pharmacy if they can get this in and speak to your doctor about prescribing it.

Is there anything else I can help you with?

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caraco isn't the manufacturer, they were only the distributor. The manufacturer is Mirkit

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I ask my pharmacist about Panlor DC and Panlor SS and no one is carrying those either, he checked for me today. What on earth is going on??

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May 27, 2011 Synalgos is available now from Caraco pharmaceuticals. When I called about a month ago I was told that they only sell to the pharmacies and that it has to be ordered 12 bottles at a time or 1 box which contains 12 bottles. I think this is absolutely rediculous. This is a really old medication and I also am suffering without it. It helped me so much. I felt like a human being. I am also taking tylenol with codeine like many of you doesn't really help much and now that they have taken Darvocet off the market it is really bad. I don't even have Darvocet to fall back on.
This is an outrage that Caraco will only sell a case at a time to the drug wholesalers. We all know that the pharmacies don't want to order 12 bottles at a time because they will have to pay for it up front and it is very expensive. I live in the state of New Jersey and I cannot get it. I have to go to CVS pharmacy and they tell me they can't order it for me. They can't get it. What an outrage. I hope some day this will change. Until then I suffer with the rest of you. Why don't you try a pharmacy that does compounding of medications. It's worth a try to see if they can help you.

God Bless to all of you!

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