Supradyn (multivitamin Tablets With Mineral & Trace Elements)


What are the side effects of Supradyn if consumed on a daily basis for a year?

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Well, as you have already stated, Supradyn is a multivitamin supplement, not an actual medication. This means that the side effect profiles of it are not studied, as is done for traditional prescription drugs.

The only thing really known is that some people do report some nausea, after taking it.

It contains:

ascorbic acid 150 mg, biotin 0.25 mg, calcium pantothenate 16.3 mg, calcium phosphate 129 mg, copper sulphate 3.39 mg, dried ferrous sulphate 32.04 mg, magnesium oxide 60 mg, manganese sulphate 2.03 mg, nicotinamide 100 mg, phosphorus 25.8 mg, sodium borate 0.88 mg, sodium molybdate 0.25 mg, vitamin A 10000 iu, vitamin B1 10 mg, vitamin B12 15 mcg, vitamin B2 10 mg, vitamin B6 3 mg, vitamin D3 1000 iu, vitamin E 25 mg and zinc sulphate 2.2 mgs.


Are there any questions or comments?

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well Doctor I started taking One tablet a day in the night is it to be taken while eating , or before meals,or after meals, please advise
Rivon Gomes

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Dear Doctor

I am IVDP patient.. I am suffering from weakness in legs and body. Can I take Supradyn tablets everyday morning for the sam

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I want to know what is the right time to take supradyn! a guy has already asked this but i see no resonse to it! so plz tell me what time of the day is best to take supradyn multi-vitamin!! thnk u!

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take suprayn tablet after food an night. i took this advise from doctor.

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can i take the dexona tablet with supradyn tablet. And when should be the surpadyn tablet before or after the meal.

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I have actually stopped taking Supradyn complete multivitamin as it makes me want to through up everytime I take it regardless of whether I eat or not, ever since they have changed the packaging to a bottle instead of the card, this has happened.

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i regularly suffer by small pus formed pimples on eye lids and thais so can i take supradyn to be those pimple free..
its due to acess heat in my body(i guess).

please reply me

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Does Supradyn contain all the minerals and essential vitamins

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Dear Dr. Can i use Supradyn ( Multivitamin tablets with minerals and Trace elements ) to reduce the stomach fat . Is there any side effect of it . I am still single . Can i take this tablets with milk

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dear doctor,
i take one tablet everyday after lunch so any side effect of that tell me?

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Better to use Night time after Dinner....

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Should I have Supradyn multivitamin tablets just after having taken Monocef

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just u take before dinnar

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Can it improve my appetite

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my wife received treatment for acute pericarditis. Doctor said OK.Cured. But her angiogram report revealed mild RAC. Drugs Ecosprin AV 75 mg/Met XL 25 mg for night and morning respectively pescribed. when asked Doctor for next check up, he said not necessary. He is a famous Interventional cardiologist. How long period she has to use medicines. six months completed since drugs started.

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After taking supradyn all day i feel dizzy n nausea. Is there any side effects of taking it?

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Is supradyn available in the philipines?where can i find it ? Which pharmacy or drugstore

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Under drs orders I have been taking supradyn for a few years now. I was never told when to take it and as a result I have just woken up to the reason that I have turned into a night owl. The supradyn must take quite a few hours to work through the body. I was taking it at about 7.30 am and was still tired and run down at work during the day. Now taking it at night before I go to bed and I am fit for a day of mental grind now. Hope that helps.

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You should always take any multivitamin with your breakfast meal. Never take it on an empty stomach. Start with your day with multivitamin so that it can energize you throughout the day.

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Everyone is different, but I am 76 and have been taking Supradyn, just in case I am lacking something, and I am fine.

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Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I want know that sutradhar tablets are vegiterian/vegan or non vegiterian/non vegan

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Hello , the pharmacist advised me to take this medicament as an alternative to Vitonic Conception which is also a set of vitamins that boost fertility and pregnancy chances , i have been using Vitonic for a minth now , do you think Supradyn is a good selection

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I have been taking Supradyn daily for many years. It is the only supplement I take, and I am now a healthy 75 years because I eat healthy as well.

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Am taking supradyn without any doctor prescription... Is there any side effects of taking this without any doctors suggestion... How long it can be taken...

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Hi a baby 28 month old eat supradyne tablet. Any problem

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I have been taking Supradyn for many years and I am now a healthy 75 years old.

I drink it with breakfast every morning, except that suddenly it is out of stock!

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Can Supradyn tablet reduce the stomach fats (my age is above 50 year)

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I've had a fever for 2 days. My dr prescribed me supradyn along with other medicine and I've been noticing that my stool is black. I want to know if this black stool is due to supradyn?

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Hi I'm pregnant but doctor said no features are able to see, doctor suggested me supradyn multivitamin tablets for what reason we use these tablets?

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