Subutex 460 Vs 54 411

Candy Says:

Does the Buprenorphine 8mg 460 work as well as 54 411's? I'm curious as I've seen other imprints, just not 460. Please let me know if they are better or worse.

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Colt 45 Says:

BETTER. The only thing is they taste a tad worse. I use 1mg a day and these are slightly smaller and worker slightly better in my opinion.

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David Says:

Among other influential factors, some people may respond better or worse to the different binders/fillers upon switching from one tablet to the next. That said, the only true way to compare efficacy is to go through trial and error with both versions yourself and not solely based off someone else's feedback.

Inactive ingredients in the 460 pill are:
Lactose Monohydrate, Mannitol, Povidones, Anhydrous Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Butylated Hydroxyanisole, Magnesium Stearate, Corn Starch

Inactive ingredients in the 54 411 pill are:
Anhydrous Citric Acid, Corn Starch, Crospovidone, Lactose Monohydrate, Magnesium Stearate, Mannitol, Povidone, Sodium Citrate

NOTE: Even though 'most' of what's listed is similar, the order in which they are listed is different, which from my understanding means they are probably present in varying quantities relative to one another. We may never know if a patient is more or less sensitive to a specific inert substance, but hopefully this will help others on here determine why their system might prefer one over the other...

National Drug Codes for reference of inactive ingredients: 62756-460 / 00054-0177

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Dani Says:

I just got my prescription today seems like the whole of the North east will be switching because CVS is now giving out the 460 ones since they got a better deal or something. I do not like the 460 as they feel like they are burning my mouth when they dissolve. how do others feel thanks.

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Wendy Says:

No, the 460's do not help me or anyone I know. They have a funky taste and make my stomach upset.

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Cleigh83 Says:

Try going to rite aid or walgreens walgreens has little tiny ones with an 8 imprinted on them rite aid did too but rite aid was kind enough to order me my normal 54 411 so glad cvs was out of them in my town. I have been on buprenorphine for a little over 11 years now i am on it for pain management

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Cleigh83 Says:

If you are in New England as I am maybe try going to walgreens or rite aid walgreens has little ones with an 8 imprinted on one side they seem to work just as well. When I went to fill my subutex this month cvs was out of them thank God and I went to rite aid they only had a few but they said that they would order them for me they had the little ones too which can make me nauseous so I asked if they could order my regular 54 411 for Me they were very helpful and accommodating. So maybe you can try this next time. I have been on then for over a decade for pain management and these work great I hate when pharmacies do this crap all to make more money. Well best of luck

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Another irritated patient Says:

These burn under my toungue as well. I thought something was wrong with me because the 54 411 never did that. It seems there's no way to resolve it either. I live on the KY/OH border and KY pharmacies will not fill for my Ohio Dr due to laws pertaining to KY that do not apply in Ohio. I am a pain management patient for several years now with no troubles til now. There is a rite aid in KY but not one around here in Ohio.

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SteveC Says:

I just took the 460 version of buprenorphine for the first time. It has a terrible taste and elicits a really unpleasant burning sensation as it's dissolving. Worst of all is the awful upset stomach to which others refer. I was planning to have dinner shortly. Guess I'll just wait a while.

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HB Says:

I just went and was almost given them but I told them to check thit brand as I have had a bad reaction to the small white ones I believe hitech makes them and they also wore off half by bedtime. I didn't accept them bc I was nervous and I'm glad I didn't bc a whole month with upset stomach and not liking them would suck.

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SteveC Says:

UPDATE: Sun Pharmaceuticals manufactures buprenorphine as a white pill with a 460 imprint on one side. CVS normally dispenses buprenorphine manufactured by Mylan (a white pill with 54 411 imprint on one side). I called CVS Customer Relations regarding Sun Pharmaceuticals product. I reported terrible burning sensation as the pill dissolves and subsequent upset stomach. They explained that Mylan itself was out of stock. However CVS escalated my complaint to the District Pharmaceuticals Supervisor. She was extremely accommodating. She did a search of other CVS stores in my area and found one that still had the Mylan product. She arranged for a driver to deliver the appropriate number of pills to my residence and exchange them for the Sun Pharmaceuticals 460s. I'm very grateful to CVS for their amazing customer service.

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CrazyDiamond Says:

I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I've been on the 460s for a week now as opposed to my 54411 and I feel awful! Terrible cravings! I haven't felt this way the entire time I've been on subs. It's causing me to have panic attacks because I want to use. I hate it so much I don't know what to do!

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Lauren Says:

I feel like they burn my mouth as well and I've been freaking out and I called my pharmacist and they basically thought I was crazy for saying it burned my mouth.

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SteveC Says:

My mistake... Mylan's buprenorphine carries an imprint of M 924. CVS has previously carried Mylan, as well as Roxanne which has an imprint of 54 411. Both are acceptable generics.

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Trying SOS to SOS help others Says:

I followed the exact actions / instructions above in the thread and called cvs customer relations to complain about the new sun pharma 460 8mg subutex tablets. All I want is my regular Roxane version I have been successfully on for almost a year with no issues. The sun brand has caused a burning sensation under my tongue leaving red irritated burn areas and ulcers. It has also caused constipation, upset stomach, lack of appetite, and issues I never had on the Roxane brand. And I also find it wears off much sooner, where my normal dose could get me through a 12 hour work day just fine. I found myself having cravings partway through the day feeling the need to take larger doses or more frequent smaller doses to make it through the day. They have had my stomach in ruins. This is no placebo affect, I have been on them for 2 months and the pharmacist said I would adjust in "7 days" to the new brand. They are hazardous and harming the health of my mouth dramatically and causing cravings for the first time in 10 months. I called customer helpline at cvs, and they did take my concerns very seriously. And are currently elevating it to the district customer manager. They said all cvs will be switching to this new brand (at least on the east coast). Everyone should being calling cvs' customer helpline. If we don't band together and do something about it we will be stuck with the cheaper (more profits per pill for cvs each time they switch) and inferior brand that does not do what it's intended purpose is, and causes harmful side effects.

If enough people call, based on the conversation I had with cvs corporate customer service helpline, and complain of the mouth acidicness, sores, and stomach issues I do believe cvs would have no choice but to switch back to the good o'll 54-411 Roxane west labs brand they carried for years. Or a substitute of equal quality. I personally believe these are harmful and should be taken off the shelves. And after 2 months on them I can guarantee you the potency is not the same (or absorption is not) if I did not have some extra 54-411's around from previous scripts I wouldn't have been able to make it through either month without running out of my meds just to get the normal day to day feeling I had from my original brand. Have also noticed a severe lack of energy due to this new brand. So I encourage anyone who uses cvs to call the customer helpline (1-800-746-7287) and complain about this brand. So we can get a safer, better brand that works, or the best brand back they sold for years. We have to form a community on these things. Cvs said they had no idea this new medicine had any side effects the Roxane brand didn't. If no one calls to let them know they won't know to do anything about it. Until then I am boycotting cvs (normally my favorite and go to pharm) until I can get a medication that works for me without the bad side effects and less potency. Hope this info helps someone else caught in my situation. The district manager is supposed to call me tomorrow, and hopefully figure out a store they can order my normal brand from. A polite conversation on the phone can make them aware it's inferior (and unsafe in my opinion for oral health) and make them take action.

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SteveC Says:

Regarding CVS's switch to Sun Labs 460 buprenorphine: I got a very quick and genuinely concerned response as a result of calling the Pharmaceuticals Supervisor for the Northeast Region. Her name is Lauren Forni and I believe she works out of Providence. Her direct line is 401-665-6674. Prior to speaking with Lauren I had called CVS Customer Relations at 844-239-6923. The folks there ultimately hooked me up with Lauren. It might be best to start by calling Customer Relations since their's is a publicly available number.

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Elly Says:

Yes seems cvs is fazing out the Westward/Roxanne brand for this Sun Pharma 460. Had the 460's this past month. Awful taste, burns mouth, more headaches & felt bupe less then Roxanne brand which I've taken for 6+ years. The pharmacist said they would "try" to order for me. Looks like I may be shopping mom & pop pharms if cvs won't budge. They're going to lose lots of customers that are sub takers.

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460sucks Says:

These 460s are making me sick! I had someone accuse me for lending them fake meds! Awful! Are they legit?

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Lauren Says:

I've been on the new brand for about a week and it's terrible. I called cvs corporate and I'm still waiting for a call back. They told me since they don't have any other issues like this that were called in they need to look into it. On the other hand while my mouth burns terrible and now I have ulcers all over my mouth. Overall just feel like crap. Looks like I'll definitely be switching pharmacies, goodbye CVS. I understand with it being a controlled substance but seriously this is ridiculous!!!!

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Tim Says:

I spent over 2 hours researching National drug code. I also compared the 54-411 and M.924 and The, 460 .also pharmaceutical company who made each one. There all the same component . Joe if u came across a 460 ,with Watson on blank side there fake and easy to see if anything has been scrapped off.

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Elly Says:

Had my Cvs call around to find the 54 411's, NOTHING! I also called that customer relations number a nice person posted. Corporate called my Cvs and was more concerned about it being a cvs matter didn't care about the symptoms I spoke of. Burning mouth, upset stomach, headache, none of which I've had on the Roxanne/Westward brand. They said they'd call me back tomorrow which they didn't but all they were going to do was locate a cvs which had the 54'411's. I'm so upset about this, I had No choice but to get the 460's this month again over $200 because that's where my refill was & I already spent 3 days looking for the 411's & was out of meds. The 460's SUCK! Don't last as long feel like I have to take more & have cravings which I haven't had in 10 years. CVS get the Roxane/Westward back! Next refill after doctor appt I'm shopping pharmacies, whoever can get the 411's thats where All my scripts & business is going. It's bull they can't get it, it's all about $ 460's are cheaper for them but we pay same for a crappy product. Anyone have other suggestions or input. I'm in New Jersey (oh yea they give you that look here too when you say the medication name). Judgement needs to stop, we have enough to deal with. Thanks guys.

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Joe Says:

Re: Trying SOS to SOS help others (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

I've been battling celiac disease... this has fillers and ingredients that'll cause major flare ups. I didn't realize they switched medicines til I went to take it and saw it said it's same so I took it and had a major flare up and called pharmacy to find it does have more fillers and corn starch which im highly allergic too. I already am battling large hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhages, Celiac Artery Stenosis Disease and and many other debilitating symptoms and then this was like 0 to 100 in minutes and I called pharmacy and they say that I could pay for a new prescription.

If they know you might have allergies that's different than just some discomfort. I think if you assume your symptoms are am allergic reaction they'll take it far more seriously. I have records to prove medically I have been battling celiac disease. I've had it far worse than anyone I've met. Hyper sensitive to everything. Simple things make me bedridden with extreme knife like pain as did this 460 med. I've been on 54 411 for about 5 years. My insurance fought me all day 3 denials and finally approve half a month then this. If God wants me to have them and anyone else nothing anyone around us will stop it. With God all things are possible! I'm not simply taking them to come off drugs like most people. I'm taking them for internal bleeding and pain.

Let me know if this helps:)

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Terri Says:

Re: Crissy (# 191) Expand Referenced Message

By my 3rd dose I had no taste buds, burning all the way down my throat & tummy& blisters(2) under my tongue. And I feel like I didn't take my meds!! These need to be discontinued

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April Says:

Re: Kelly (# 181) Expand Referenced Message

It's the same thing for me. I have to get my doctor to write the manufacturer's name when he writes my prescription for subutex and I'm not the only one to have an allergic reaction to those 460s. I also have to have 54411s. Those 460s gave me diarrhea. Not to be gross but talk about embarrassing to have to go to your doctor and explain that you have diarrhea from those meds and have to have what your body's use to, plus the 460s burn under your tongue bad and they don't help because they're bunk.

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April Says:

Re: Jayme (# 178) Expand Referenced Message

They are bunk meds because of Biden. I'm telling you the president wants people off drugs. It doesn't matter what they are. He's switching everything. I can't take those 460s because they are useless. They don't help and gave me diarrhea, not to be gross. For 5 days straight. They suck. I had to take those 460s to my doctor's office and tell them they gave me the runs. Talk about embarrassing. It was not fun trust me. It's all the president's fault. Thanks Joe Biden.

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April Says:

Re: kB (# 179) Expand Referenced Message

It's the same way in PA it hard it's because of Biden what's to save money so he had manufacturers switch to cheap imitation meds so he can save a few bucks thanks alot Biden

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April Says:

Re: Stacey H (# 182) Expand Referenced Message

Yea, those new ones with 460 on them. I'm not the only one. They burn under your tongue really bad. Plus not to be gross, diarrhea also. They suck bad. I'm using the 54411's. Thank the stupid president for letting these ******s switch meds on us.

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Terri Says:

Re: Dani (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

They burn my throat as well.They definitely do not work as well as the 54/411 ones do& these have an orange taste to them. ??

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Vic Says:

I don’t like the 54/411 anymore they changed the formula. The Rhodes are what works best for me!!!

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K Says:

Re: Trying SOS to SOS help others (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

THANK YOU!! Yes I too. Noticed they wear out quickly and I’m doubling up on meds because of it. I’ll have to go cold turkey if I continue having to take extra pills to get through the day. Thank you for your advice!!!!

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K Says:

Re: CrazyDiamond (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

I’ve been on subs for 8yrs now with little to no pain OR cravings and just this month I noticed my bottle was the little white pills. This month I’ve been miserable!! In pain, horrible anxiety, RLS at night again - feels like I’m going through WD! I’m so relieved to know I’m not just crazy for feeling these pills are different and not just in my head!

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