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i am 26, 180 cm hight & 68 kgs. I am diabetic for last 1 year. and i lost my weight almost 10 kgs in these session. i need to gain weight up to atleast 75 kgs. ayurvedic medicine strength plus can can gain weight without any side effects ? or can use diabetics? pls reply me soon..

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Since you are diabetic, it may not be safe for you to gain a lot of weight. It can have an effect on your blood sugar and may cause it to be more unstable.

Learn more diabetes details here.

And as to an Ayurvedic product like that, it has not been tested to see if it will cause problems with any prescription medications or medical conditions.

Thus, the only advice I can really give you is that you should talk to your doctor before taking anything new, or trying to gain any weight, to make sure it is safe for you to do so.

Has your doctor said you need to gain weight, or is this solely a concern of yours?

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i am an 19 year old boy,my problem is that i am very thin and have very low body weight,i have 167cm height and 42kg weight,what should i do to gain weight?medicines like strength plus are good or not?will they have any side effects?please reply me.

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I am 25 yrs old male i have wght 53,but i have no any body mass ,how i can gain weight and mass through ayurveda products with out any side effect ,i eat well but it is not effective for me,will u advice any ayurveda product

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it is mostly used for diabetic patients, and it strengthens the whole body.

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I'm using strength plus lehya since last month......1 bottle course over im using 2nd bottle(will finish within 3 or 4 days)....m taking food in a normal way.... in the slip obtained with that bottle,they hav written that weight gain will start within 1 bottle course...still now I hav not even gained a single kg....what the hell is this...I feeling really dissappointed...m hav a height of 5ft 7in but weighing only 52.(BMI just less than 18.5 which is the normal value)....and im always looks tired and sleepy...most of my elders said it to me...what to do..:(..any suggestions

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The strength plus lekhym is good for girls? how many day this product used to increase weight?

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I am a 19 year old male. My height is 175 & weight is only 50. I'm looking skinny and have lean muscle. What can I do to increase my weight and body muscles? Can i use strength plus lehyam? Is it beneficial or not?

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I had strength plus lehyam 4 bottles but my weight is same can anyone help

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I am a 24 year old married lady and I have a child too, but still I am 35 kg in weight and 154cm in height. I also had a thyroid problem and now I am alright. I need to gain weight and I even have no breasts. So I just want to know whether my weight management problem will be solved or not by taking this medicine?

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