Small Round Pink Pill Labelled Phentermine

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The label says 'phentermine' but it is a small round pink pill. I have searched many databases but most phentermine pills are white and blue. Can anyone help me identify this pill?

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Verwon Says:

Are there any markings on the tablet?

If there aren't, it is going to be impossible to positively identify it. There are just far too many possibilities. It could be an over the counter item or a supplement.

I am sorry, I wish I could be of more help.

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Shabina Says:

There are no details on the pill but I do know it is an appetite suppressent and the bottle said phentermine

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Donna Says:

My friend has just come back from a slimwise clinic she has been given some round pink pills and there are no markings but have phentermine on the front

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clare Says:

hi i am taking the same pills small round pink tablets with no markings but was prescribed to me from a doctor at a slimming clinic says phentermine on the bottle though.

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jbird25a Says:

same for me.. i bought these as slimming tablet and want to find out more

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Biff Says:

Your pills are made and approved in the United Kingdom. They are pink time-release 37.2 mg phentermine pills. These were used in the Eastern United States for a time in an ongoing research protocol being run by people in Philadelphia.

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Susan Says:

I too have these pills, and been using then on and off for several years. At my highest weight i was 12st 12lb, i am now 9st. They do work, but hard to maintain after stopping

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mollymay Says:

Hi could anyone tell me if there is a website that i can buy phentermine small pink round tablets 37.2mg from all the sites i have been looking at the tablets are blue or white and blue. i have used the pink tablets in the past and got on really well with them. but the clinic i used to go to is no longer there. I am going away in 4weeks and i would like to stick to what i no works so if anyone could be of help that be great x

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maryellen Says:

could any one tell me where to get the pink phetermine tablets 37.2 from and how much they pay i live in birmingham west midlands many thanks..

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maryellen Says:

hi clare could i ask you where and how much you paid for them please i live in birmingham w.mids..

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rainbow star Says:

hey MaryEllen did you find somewhere in birmingham or do you know of anywhere in wolverhampton please? I have had to go to Northampton to get mine and they will only sell me 4weeks a time.

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sweetangel27131 Says:

There is a clinic in Bedford that does them. It is £48 for 4 weeks. He is very good and has been doing it for 20 years. Let me know if you want more details.

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rainbowstar Says:

Bedford is still very far 4 me as i dont drive :-( but thankyou for replying x

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Sweetangel27131 Says:

I've just checked he also does Coventry and can do you 13 weeks at a time.

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rainbowstar Says:

Coventry will be much better for me thanks are they 37.5 and how do i get in touch with him please? X

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Sweetangel27131 Says:

They are 30mg but they are strong, i've only had a bowl of special k and not hungry at all. He is in Coventry on a Wednesday and it is a drop in. His contact details are 07973641649 Dr I Hirsch Harmony Diet Clinic.
Let me know how you get on. x

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clara angel Says:

don't use this guy he had a clinic in bedford on the high street his tablets made me sick he just gave me a peice of paper with highlighted fruit,veg ect and nothing else the pills are crap and his so called surport is non exsistant

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sweetangel27131 Says:

I have to disagree I had a 30 min consultation with him went through everything with me I've had no problems with the tablets at all working well advised on eating healthy and exercise and I can call him anytime he always answers. I guess different people react differently to the pills but I can't recommend him enough

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tracy Says:

im taking these at present, lost 6lb 1st week and then it just stopped, im beginning to wonder if these round pink tabs really are what they say :/

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Claire green Says:

How long have you been taking them from and do you know the dosage. The first week you will always loose a lot and then should aim to loose 1-2 lbs a week. The tablets wont make you loose weight they just help you to cut down on the amount of food you feel you need.
How much exercise are you doing? This will really help with loosing the weight.

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