Simvastatin And Frequent Urinating

Dan Says:

Hi I'm a 55 year old male and I have been on simvastatin for about 8 years now (40). It has worked wonders with my cholesterol but for the past while, perhaps as much as a year now, I have noticed a steady increase in the frequency of trips to the bathroom especially at night - 3 to 4 times minimum. While I had attributed this to my age lately I have been wondering about my medication. Simvastitin is the only medication I take a d otherwise I am very healthy. Should I be concerned about this?

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Verwon Says:

Hi, Dan! Sorry about the problem that you're having, that is a lot of times to wake up each night.

Considering your age, there is also a good chance that you may be having a prostate issue, frequent urination, especially at night, it is a very common symptom of it.

Have you consulted your doctor, yet?

That is something you should definitely have checked out.

The reason I'm suggesting it is because a side effect of the medication should have shown up a long time ago.

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Janni Says:

I recently had triple bypass surgery. I have never in my life had to get up to urinate overnight. Now it’s 2 to 3 times a night! No doctor has been able to tell me why

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