Side Effects Of Nise Tablets 100mg

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What are the side effects of Nise 100mg tablets?

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Crystal Says:

What country do you live in? From my records Nise MR is manufactured in India. I was able to locate the active ingredients in Nise, which are Chlorzoxazone 500 mg, Nimesulide 100 mg.

Click on the links below to learn about each drug...


Please note that combinning these drugs can result in completely different reactions. Since this drug is not from the US, I was not able to locate information about the drugs combined.

Please post back if you need any more help or if you have any more questions.

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sreejith Says:

a doctor prescribed NISE tablet. after consuming one tablet , i felt severe pain in my stomach at night

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Cassie33 Says:

I have been given NISE for pain in my chest and it causes the palm of my hands to itch and scratch

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white Says:

I got Fixed Drug Eruption from Nise. That is a reaction in which you get bumps that are dark grey in colour and very itchy. I had no idea there were so many different reactions to this medicine.

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Ajazul Haq Says:

in an accident, i suffered left foot ankle hairline fracture.(As p[er xray, ortho Sergeon). After 3-4 years i felt svere pan inmy left foot it made me very hard to walk. Dr. suggested NISE 100mg it made miracle for me. i take 1+0+0 dose. its very effective i can walk with no sports.

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k.madhu Says:

I am using nise tab for headache, after consuming this tab with in 1 hour i am relaxed, i am asking you any side effects are occurered after the age for this tablet

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jatin chauhan Says:

nise is a wonderful drug some people says nise is band in usa. my dear friends it is molecule of europe.and it is never been lunched in usa so how it should get band it is approved by EMEA & IMA it si safe.

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Varun Says:

Dont use nise.
and i am a Veterinary doctor.
The animals got cazy after a single dose imagine what it could do to humans.

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sulay Says:

Dear Sir,

Dr has performes a surgery on my hips and left hips is was quite more damage so according to dr pain will come in left hip when it is over loaded or walk. so at that time dr has suggested me to take nise 100 mg tablet. i have taken previousely as pri=scribed by the dr but i would like to know that if i use 10 tab use in a month then it will effect to health.

please reply


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aarti Says:

i have used nise for a long period of time ...i have not experienced any side effects as such.

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jeyanthi sukumar Says:

i am using nise tablet for knee pain. Whether it is giving any side affect or not. plese give suggestions. I am using night one tablet. This tablet given byone ortho doctor . every day i am taking from august 2011 onwards.

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pawan sahare Says:

doctor says it causes some hypotension .....that's it....nothing else.

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rajesh Says:

I am using nise tab for headache, after consuming this tab with in 1&half hour i am relaxed, i am asking you any side effects are occurered after the age for this tablet.

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Mu Says:

Nise helps to reduce headache within 10 min. Its a gud tab. Headache totally disappears within an hour or so. I dnt knw abt its effect on other pains but yeah its a popular painkiller.

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Jessel Ali Says:

I used Nise for acute gout and i must say it is a miracle drug. I was experiencing severe pain in my big toe and at the base of the Archilles tendon. Within two hours of taking Nise the relief was remarkable. I recommend this medication to all gout sufferers.

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V c Kapoor Says:

Is NISE a banned drug in India or elsewhere...

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I have pain at my left ankle which may be bone spur. Somebody told me that he had similar problem and his doctor told him to take NISE tablets twice a day for a week which he took and became alright. He advise me to take this tablet for my problem, but I understand that this tablet is banned due to its side affects. Will you pl advise me whether I can use this tablet or their is other substitute.

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abdul Says:

my dears my question is i-e is any effect of nise 100 mg in Blood pressure my email adress is {edited for privacy}

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charima Says:

what the right medicine...... ..NISE......... or NICE 100mgtab.... im confused ..... and what look like is this???

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fiona Says:

I take nise for every pain an it help me. if u take nise without having a meal u will get sick

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