Sibuslim 15 Side Effects

joy Says:

does sibuuslim 15have any side effects when using lo femenal and ferrous fumerate tabs

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Verwon Says:

Sibuslim is listed a containing the active ingredient Sibutramine, it is a stimulant used for appetite suppression to aid in weight loss.

However, you should be informed that it was withdrawn from the market, in most countries, because this medication causes a serious risk of cardiovascular events, such as heart attacks.

And as to its interactions with the items you mentioned, I have no information on those, especially since the one is just an iron supplement. Thus, I can only suggest you consult with your doctor, before adding this.


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phyllis Says:

hi i am 223lb and want to lose this weight and go back to my 145lb could this pill make this happen the name of this pill is you sibusslm 15

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