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Ritalin backorder

Why are the manufacturers allowed to put a specific medicine that is used by millions of children and their bodies are adjusted to the meds to be put on backorder across the United States? What are the parents supposed to do in order to handle their autistic children with ADHD because the manufacturers want to be less than efficient, thereby causing additional medical problems. ## I'm sorry that you're having a problem and I do understand your concern about your child, but in some cases, this isn't something that can be prevented. Even if the FDA and DEA tried to demand that it never happen, there is no way that could actually be guaranteed and it would most likely just scare more companies out of the prescription manufacturing business. The reason for this one is listed as ...

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generic version

can you tell me what version of ritalin comes in a generic form, LA or SR? ## i was taking ritain er 20 mg twice daily then switched to ritalin la form 30mg twice daily worked then my shrink started me on adderall xr 20mg twice daily the a regular 20mg at night same doseage adderall didnt work for me so i want to go back to ritalin la i starting a new shrink my regular doc gave me 20mgs twice daily of ritalin la i see him soon what to say to him to make him understand?HELP ME TYPE IT ON SCREEN HERE I DNT HAVE A EMAIL GUERO I KNOW UR TAKING TO ME? ## The new Ritalin LA is made by an EXCELLENT company called Actavis. 1st. Adderall is meant to be taken in the morning. Your doctor is not a real doctor if he is telling you to take these meds at night. Its like telling you to drink a pot of c...

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eyes-nervous deasayes

does exist a topic against it's ? ## I use, under prenscription, 30 mg Ritalin LA since 3 years. My Eyes was 100% right side but only 30% to the left side. Now, after 3 years of Ritalin 30 mg LA, my wiew is getting less. My job require that my only 1 Eye in healt, to be. So i would like to know if it gives somes issues, to stop (almost) an issue, to continue to see throw my Camera ? That's the only one job that i can do, to continue working... So, please, if there it give's something to do for; please, are you able to find me an issue about this? If not, does exist an other drug, with the sames privileges like Ritalin LA? Thanks a lot for reading me. Alf ## About Ritalin. Since 3 years, i use 30 mg Ritalin LA. But since 2-3 months, i feel more tiered than before. My question...

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