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does exist a topic against it's ?

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Alf10 Says:

I use, under prenscription, 30 mg Ritalin LA since 3 years. My Eyes was 100% right side but only 30% to the left side. Now, after 3 years of Ritalin 30 mg LA, my wiew is getting less. My job require that my only 1 Eye in healt, to be. So i would like to know if it gives somes issues, to stop (almost) an issue, to continue to see throw my Camera ? That's the only one job that i can do, to continue working...
So, please, if there it give's something to do for; please, are you able to find me an issue about this? If not, does exist an other drug, with the sames privileges like Ritalin LA? Thanks a lot for reading me. Alf

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Alf10 Says:

About Ritalin. Since 3 years, i use 30 mg Ritalin LA. But since 2-3 months, i feel more tiered than before. My question is: there's another substance, different or stronger, against narcoleptie and concenstration difficoultie ? I tried with 40-50 mg, but it does'nt works. Best regards. Alf10

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Alf10 Says:

Goodmorning. Thanks a lot to remind my desease, relative to the NECESSITY of assume méthylphenidate because a form of narcoleptie, difficulty of lissen somebody, when i'm conscious that, what he/she affirms an empiric, logically wrong concept. Or, to deny the obvious. Trying to explain what i feel, despite the difficoulty to find the rights words. I usually use to name it: An Allergie of the Other's Ignorance
This is, may be my worst disease... To be continue

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