Rash When Switching From Normal Metformin To Er?

Dixielou Says:

I have been taking normal metformin (1000mg per day) since April 2014. It had a strong GI effect on me (10 bathroom trips between bathroom and lunchtime), and truthfully, there were times I couldn't take it at all if I wanted to be able to leave my home due to those side effects. My doctor felt that although metformin commonly has gastro side effects, mine were on the extreme side. He switched me to 1000mg of metformin ER to see if that would help things. It did, however two days after taking the ER, my left leg broke out in hives. Only the left leg, on the front shin area. My doctor switched me back to the regular metformin (but only 500mg at night) to see if it was maybe an additive in the ER version that I might be allergic to. However, neither of us could explain why an allergy would only affect my lower left leg. The initial rash has cleared, but small hives still appear in that area of my lower leg, a new one each day, always healing before a new one pops up. Nothing is showing up in any other area of my body, and the rash is being treated with topical steroid creams at the moment. Has anyone had this type of reaction to Metformin ER? Especially affecting only one leg?

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Dixielou Says:

Oops...I meant 10 trips between breakfast and lunch. :) Sorry for the typo. :)

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Dixielou! How are you doing? I am very sorry about the problems that you're having.

It definitely wouldn't make sense for a systemic medication to cause a rash on just one leg.

Have you used anything else new, such as a different soap? Laundry detergent? Fabric softener? Skin lotion?

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Dixielou Says:

Hi Verwon, Thanks so much for replying. My doctor and I wondered about new products also, but there haven't been any. I do my own yard work, but it's the same yard I've been working in for years, and he didn't know why it would affect only one leg. Also, he asked about whether I'd gotten a new pet, but I have one pup that has been with me for nearly 13 years with no problems. I do appreciate your help. Thanks so much!

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