Qsymia For Weight Loss Cost

Masey1 Says:

I read that the makers of Qsymia have an exclusive deal with SAMs Club to provide it at a lower cost for SAMs Plus members. It is supposed to be lower than the discount currently offered through the company. I was wondering did anyone know the cost?

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David Says:

Hi Masey,

I did some investigating on this and found that the wholesale price which pharmacies are paying for Qsymia is around $120-$135 depending on the dosage.

With the use of an RX Savings Card, people reportedly pay anywhere from $194-$264.

As far as Sam's Club is concerned, I would encourage you to contact them directly in order to receive an accurate answer regarding the cost of Qsymia. However, I would probably anticipate the price range to be somewhere in the ballpark of what it might cost with the use of a savings card.

If you're able to, please post back and let us know how things turn out after speaking with Sam's Club. I can't imagine them not being able to share product pricing information with it's members (or even a prospective member).

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BostonHolly Says:

I've been paying $125-146 for 30 pills to Osco for the 15/92mg dose after the $75 monthly discount has been applied, courtesy of Vivus for the first 12 months on a maintenence dosage. That does not include the 4 weeks trial, 2 of which were free. After the 12 months $75 discount has expired, it will be too expensive for me to continue at $216 or more for a 1 month supply. Osco was the least expensive in the Boston & surrounding area - w/no car. CVS and Walgreen's were the most (absurdly) expensive.

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