Propysalic Ointment For Psoriasis

pawan Says:

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Propysalic Ointment For Psoriasis

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jasmine Says:

My husband is suffering from psoriasis more than eight years.Is there any cream ,body lotion or ointment to get rid of this condition.

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Verwon Says:

Psoriasis is an immune disorder, so there is no cure per se, the condition can only be managed as best as possible.

Learn more Psoriasis details here.

From what I have found, Propysalic is listed as being a high potency ointment that contains the steroid Clobetasol coupled with Salicylic Acid.

Learn more Clobetasol details here.

Learn more Salicyclic Acid details here.

Has it been recommended to treat this condition?

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james Says:

Betnovate or dovabate cream is great I think I've had and used it and is cured

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Prashu Says:

I am 35 years Male, I have Psoriasis since past 6 months. Unknowingly I have been using Propy salic NF as a skin ointment as a one stop solution for most of the skin related problems and it cures almost every thing. I realise that Propy salic NF is a temporary cure for Psoriasis and it has started spreading in my palm as a dark thick dry spots and later a dark scaly spot skin and grows bigger in size (upto 10mm) if Propy salic is not used for a month. For this reason I consulted a dermatologist and he first prescribed to use Venusia moisturizing cream, but then since problem became extremely worse he prescribes back to the same propy salic NF (so sad). I am left with a big confusion please let me know if there is any better solution as it is spreading in different spots in my palm.

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Right Intentions Says:

Like it is said in earlier replies, it is an auto immune disorder. Fundamentally, our skin sheds in a certain time frame which gets speedened up due to your body sending a wrong signal. Say for eg, your skin sheds in 30 days, due to an auto immune disorder, your skin wears off in 1 day and this process keeps repeating itself. This is a lifelong disease and there is no apparent medical cure. However, this can be controlled, mitigated with a few things 1) Changes in lifestyle basically, eat right food, exercise,lots of water, keep a check on body obesity & weight 2) mediation, even minimal time spent will have a positive impact 3) Go for Homeopathy or Ayurveda treatment. Homeopathy may be a bit more easy to follow than Ayurveda which might insist on cutting down a variety of foods apart from prescribing mixtures difficult to consume by common patients. Would Strongly say that don't depend on allopathy to get you cure for this on a long term. Short term treatment like propysalic cream may work but they are expensive and dangerous containing harmful steroids which may lead to a different problem. This was my experience and my psoriasis is well under control

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Tami Says:

Hi i have diagnosed as Psoriasis vulgaris on Leg,elbow & scalp. Dr has advised to use venusia cream for extremities and luke warm bath for the head but my question is how long does it takes to take off the flakes and dead skin nd what would be the shampoo which i can use? dos and donts of diet also can recommend!

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