Propan With Iron Age Requirement For Adult Dosage

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My son is 13 years old. Is it ok for him to be taking propan with iron capsules?

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Verwon Says:

Most children over 12 are given an adult dose of medications and vitamins, except for some very specific ones or if the child is very small, undersized and underweight.

This is a multivitamin with iron.

Has his doctor prescribed it for him?

It is used to treat several conditions that can cause someone to be deficient in the vital nutrients it contains and to ensure that someone gets enough of them on a daily basis.

It contains:

Buclizine HCl 25 mg, Fe sulfate 80 mg, nicotinamide 10 mg, vit B1 10 mg, vit B12 5 mcg, vit B2 1 mg, vit B6 5 mg.


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Heilypot Says:

When to take the propan multivitamins? Morning after breakfast or evening before ho to sleep? Please answer I just bought it but I dont know how to use it properly, thanks you.

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Rachel Moron Says:

As American medical standards, it is highly recommended that 1 to 3 years of age get 7 mg of iron daily. And 4 to 8 years of age need 10 mg of iron daily, while 9- to 13 year old child need 8 mg. Depending on your child's diet and health needs, the doctor may write a prescription or make a specific recommendation.

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grace Says:

is it ok to take propan for breastfeeding m0m?

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Dhanus Says:

I'm 20 and recently taking propan with iron .. I'm taking these because I don't have the appetite to eat more. I'm thin and want to be fat , so I decided to take this.
They said this vitamin gets you hungry and will feel you sleepy .. When I took my first propan, after how many minutes, I feel hungry and I just thought , "wow, this is great!". But what amazed me is that I can sleep without getting awake at 1am or 2am which I usually do .. I sleep at 11pm and then wakes up at 6am. and then I go to sleep again . I'm happy with it because it helped my insomnia.
I take it every night mostly 7pm before I eat ..

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Jenriri Says:

Hi :) can a 14 year old girl take propan tlc adults? Would it be effective. Please reply asap. Needed. Thanks :*

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jane Says:

My problem is super payat ako at gusto tumaba,mas OK ba to gamitin ang propan?naka 3 days na ako,every night ko iniinom before I sleep.

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lhegiie Says:

hi im 24 years old,nagtetake ako ng propan capsule and ayun nga effective for pampaantok,tulog much at lakas ko kumaen,pro ang ask is tataba ba tlaga ako dito?how many months pa need ko magtake ng propan pra tumaba ako?pls answer my problem,.ang pagtaba lng gusto ko,im only 38klgs.and im so payat muka tuloy akong 12years old sa kapayatan ko...

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aya Says:

Hi 34 n ko pwedi pb skin ang propan and ano b side effect nito aantokin b or kain lng ng kain.? Please answer my question

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laj Says:

Pde din po ba ang propan pampa anu ng dugo ?^^mdyo mahina po kc pangngtwan ko mbilis po aq mapagod anu po dpat inumin ko? At payat pa po. TY po.

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kim Says:

I'm 25payat OK LNG Bng I try ko tong propan?

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mameyyy Says:

Hi gusto ko sana I try to kse super payat ko kht may anak na ko payatot pa din ako. Effective ba tlga to bcos this is what I used for my son and OK nmn sya pero sa adult kaya effective din ba? Pls help me thank

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benj Says:

how many times i take your propan TLC for Adult a day?

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jessica gerolia Says:

Effective po ba try ko din po sna mhal po ba yan ang payat ko po kce

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Hannah Garcia Says:

My son is a 8 years old,does a propan capsule suitable for him to take?

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michael Says:

Puede po ba16 years old nyan?

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bernie Says:

i think best time is in the morning because if u need to eat again your time of sleeping maybe disturbing,,,and not good to eat in evening..

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andromeda Says:

Can a 17 years old boy take a propan with iron capsule ? Is it once a day or twice? . Please answer my question. I'm so thin and I want be fat.

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Johnly sato Says:

Hello everyone, I'm 19 years old. Am I allowed to take this vita in this age?

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Jess Says:

Is 25 years old girl can take propan tlc? Is it okay? I want to be fat cause im very thin.

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nel Says:

Re: Ronielen (# 26) Expand Referenced Message

pwd po b ang propan with iron sa 13 yrs old?

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Chubz Says:

Re: lhegiie (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Yes legit sya yung kakilala q nah ngtake nito payat sya ngaun may laman nah sya

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Marichu guzman Says:

My son is 9 years old pwede napo ba xa magtake ng propan capsule

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Nene Says:

Is Propan okay for a 92 yr old to take?

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Evelyn Says:

Re: Rachel Moron (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Hi po magtatanong lng po ako. My father is 60 years old at gusto ko sana pa,inomin nag propan capsule pwd po bah yon? Thank you.

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Recy Martinez Says:

Is My 13 yrs old grandson can take propan with iron capsule vitamin?

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Recy martinez Says:

Is My 13 yrs old grandson can take propan with iron capsule

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Che Says:

Pwd.po ba sa anak ko n 13 years old ung propan capsule?

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Grace Says:

Hi! My son is 13 years old weighs only 29kg. Is it okay for him to take propan capsule

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Mitch Says:

Pwede po ba ang propan with iron sa 13yrs old?

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