Primolut N, Irregular Periods And Fertility

emma Says:

I am a 24 year old married woman... I have pcos...and irregular periods, so my doctor prescribed me primolut-n for 30 days and I just completed the course but I am still not getting any periods....It's been 3 days now. What should I do? Why I cant get any periods after completing treatment? Why can't I get pregnant? Is any chances for getting pregnant? I am really scared now...plz help me...

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mof Says:

Tell us the possiple reasons for this condition

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Presh Says:

Hello. I took primolut N (norethistestrone) cause I have irregular periods and my period came out after taking it for a month though it was light and I continued it the next month and my period came out again. Then I stopped treatment and since then my period has been coming out now every month for 4 months; though very light and short during that time. The next month my period came out very heavy with clots and it lasted for 3 weeks, so I went to the hospital and my doctor gave me a medicine to take. It's a contraceptive that I should take twice a day for 7 days, then once for the rest of the days and the bleeding stopped. The doctor told me to see a gynecologist but I'm confused and scared as to what could be the cause...

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Dolly Says:

I had a miscarriage last month and up till now, I have not had my periods. Please suggest whether I can take Primolut-N to regulate my menstrual cycle?

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Ataa Matina jnr Says:

pls am not pregnant but my period is not coming and hv been taking primolut N have been taking one box shd I stop or continue pls I need your help

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