Polymyxin B Sulfate And Trimethoprim Ophthalmic Solution

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It is an eye drop and was wondering what it is used to treat since it was prescribed for an ear infection.

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Helen Ziegler Says:

I wondered if you could tell me what the recommended dosage is for this drug. It was prescribed to me in July and I didn't keep the insert from the box that had the dosage. I have the same condition again and need to know how much to use. Thank you.

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Candice Says:

My husband said one drop every four hours.

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Keena Says:

Can Polymyxin B Sulfate And Trimethoprim Opthalmic Solution, USP

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Verwon Says:

Just to add some clarifications to this thread...

A sterile eye antibiotic solution can be used in the ear, but not vice versa, since ear solutions aren't sterile and, since it an antibiotic solution, that means it's used to treat infections.

As to the dosage, for inner ear infections, it is 1 to drop every four to 6 hours, depending on prescribing instructions and four outer ear infections, it is 4 drops every 4 to 6 hours, depending on instructions.

For use in the eye, it is as Candice posted, one drop every 4 hours, but sometimes it may be prescribed to use every 3 hours.

Are there any other questions?

There are more Polytrim details available here.

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skinny Says:

hello can those polymyxin b and trimethoprim ophthalmicsolution eye drops can be used for a pink eye

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mumtaz Says:

i used five days and still i have infection can i use more than five days

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Rabia Says:

eye drops

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nada Says:

Can children use this for pinkeye and how old is to young to use

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dml55 Says:

My last ear drop for infection said 5-10 drops in infected ear. One drop will not go deep enough to clear the infection.

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Carol Says:

Can Polymyxin B Sulfate-Trimethoprim Ophthalmic eye drops cause a rash around your mouth? My Daughter is using the drops twice a day in one eye.

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nozibele Says:

Hi can I apply chloramex opthalmic ointment for ear infection?

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Tabatha Says:

My child is 4 also used for my 5 month old for pink eye

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lmcewing2008 Says:

Mine says 2 drops every 4 hours while a wake. Eat or eye drops.

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Andrea hubbard Says:

Can I use this eye drop in my 4 month old with pink eye

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Andrea hubbard Says:

Re: Andrea hubbard (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

My son had pinkeye and they prescribed him this eye drop now it's transfered ta my 4month old can I use the same eye drop for pinkeye... please help someone

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