Pms Cyclobenzaprine 10mg

Barbara Merritt Richard Says:

How long does the effect of one Pms Cyclobenzaprine 10mg last????
When is the best time to take it EX: morning 11 am after noon 3pm or night 10pm?????

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Verwon Says:

Cyclobenzaprine is muscle relaxant and, as such, it may cause dizziness and drowsiness as side effects, so it may be easier to take it at night, to avoid it disrupting daytime activities. But it should be taken when you were directed to in the prescribing instructions.

The half-life is about 18 hours or so, that's when it hits 50% of the amount taken in your body, so one may last most of the day, depending on how severe your muscle spasms are.

How many have you been directed to take daily?

There is an extended release version available in some countries that lasts longer and is taken once daily.

You can learn more Cyclobenzaprine details here.

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jackilyn Says:

Will cyclobenzaprine help relax me

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