Phentermine Bend, Oregon

mbt Says:

I need to find a doctor in Bend, Oregon (or even nearby) that prescribes Phentermine. NOT phentermine-d.

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Azsunshine1 Says:

Could someone please help me out. I've searched on the Internet for a weight loss clinic and prescribes Phentermine. I haven't been able to find any. I really appreciate it. Losing weight is not easy and I want to be healthy and am tired of having excess weight on me. I'm in La Pine and can't find any here. Maybe there's some in Bend, Oregon. Please help, I don't want to feel hopeless. Thank you

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melissa Says:

There is a dr miller in lapine oregon!

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Crystal Says:

Did u hv any luck? I want to get pheneremine too. I hv an appt w my dr on 1/20/14. Hope she will prescribe it for me. Bend, Or.

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Curious Says:

Did she end up prescribing it to you? If so...who is she :) ?

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melissa Says:

Yes dr miller in lapine did!

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Curious Says:

Thank you! I was curious if crystal in bend found out about her doctor?

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Pamela Says:

Thank you for your help. While I was in Arizona, from September 2013 to February 2014, I went to Red Mountain Weight Loss & Spa and was prescribed phentermine. I lost 35lbs. It does work. I'm glad you found a Dr. In La Pine. I know it's difficult to lose weight. But with the drugs, lowering your calorie intake and exercise the lbs. will drop off. I also purchased Hip Hop Abs. It's an easy DVD to get in shape and it's fun. I'm back down to the size I was in high school and so happy to wear size 28 in jeans. Good luck and I hope this helps.

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Cori Says:

Which dr in lapine theres a few dr millers there both male and female wats the first name i want to make an appt im in bend or

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Cori Says:

What was the dr millers first name??

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Mo Says:

I would like to know the doctor's first name in La Pine as well. Thank you.

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melissa Says:

Doctor Joannie J. Miller, FNP
51375 Huntington Rd, La Pine, OR 97739
(541) 536-8060

Im sorry for a late response!

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Mo Says:

Thank you!

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Lisa Says:

When you call to make a appt do you say it's for weight loss, I can't find a doctor anywhere in Florence

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Donna Says:

Did Dr Zmiller prescribe it for you? How over weight where you?

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Bendite Says:

I see that Azsunshine1 found a doc in LaPine, OR, but I'm still looking for a Doc in Bend, Or. Has anyone found a Dr. that prescribes Phentermine in Bend?

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Ann Says:

I recently moved to Bend from the Bay Area. I can't find any clinic that will prescribe phentermine. Does anyone know who does? Thank you

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KDC Says:

Was anyone able to find a doctor in Bend to prescribe? Thanks!

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Cyndi Says:

I've taken Phentermine before, I'm a non-smoker and healthy other than my weight. I just need to find a doctor to prescribe it in Salem Oregon or surrounding areas for just a few months to help me get back on track. Can anyone help me?

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Skippy Says:

I am looking for a DR in the Medford Oregon/Klamath Falls Oregon area that will . prescribes Phentermine for weight loss. I haven't been able to find any. I really appreciate it any help you can provide.

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