Phentermine 37.5 Mg With A 159

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Qualis Pharmaceutical white/blue speckled Phentermine 37.5 mg with A 159 stamped on it...are these real?

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wsm Says:

Phentermine has come in the pills you describe but they have just stopped making the real ones with the 159 markings. Also,, the people making the fakes can also copy the markings , so there is no real way to know what is really real until you take one. I know this from experience and alot of wasted money.

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wsm Says:

The real usa Phentermine ahd been taken off the internet on April 15, 2009. Thank George Bush, he signed the law that went into effect 6 months after he had signed it in last 2008. So it is near impossible to get anything real and from the usa now online. I hate it as much as anyone could but that is the reality now.

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Crystal Says:

Yes A159 is Phentermine 37.5 mg, which is an appetite suppressant of the amphetamine and phenethylamine class.

To learn more click on the link below...

If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back if you do.

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dwemmy Says:

Crystal you must be a shill for Qualis. The stuff is 100% fake fake fake fake. Suppliers are are now all very sketchy thanks to George Bush. His crackdown on internet drug sales made things WORSE, with companies now putting any old thing into a pill making it horribly dangerous. DO NOT buy anything over the internet now- they're all fake and useless and dangerous. Thanks, Papa George for protecting us from ourselves. Jerk.

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sandra Says:

i bought phentermine 37.5 on internet 6 months ago, i just found them. Im not sure if they are the real deal. When i looked at Pill describer, the A is curved but on the pill it is Straight A...

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Keith Says:

Sandra, I just got some of these as well, if you look carefully, the package says Phenteramine, not Phentermine. Having said that, I did take one and it id have a phentermine effect on me. My son is at uni studying chemistry, I will send onto to him for analysis and let you know the outcome if you check back.

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kirrin Attard Says:

Hi, I bought similar pills with phenteramine written on the blister pack. Do you have any idea what it is?

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Rachel Says:

Hi there, Did you get the pill checked? Was it legit? I have the same thing - but i think they are very weak. As i did lose weight at first - it just stopped me from eating as much. But i have only been taking half the pill and now i think my body has become sort of "immune" and i can eat on it. Not sure if it was just a placebo effect.

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Hailey Says:

Hi, my mom order some phentermine pills online. They are white with blue speckles. They dont have any markings (numbers or letters) on them. Are they real or fake? When we took one, we didnt feel like we had any extra energy or a suppressed appetite.

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jazz Says:

Hi did you find out if theyre real? Without any marking..

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rico Says:

They are from mexico and not real,,,they are nothing but compressed chalk:( A159) are fakes,,,,break one open and touch to your tongue,,,if it burns a litttle thhen most likely real,,,,if it doesnt and it mmelts in water inn seconds (chhalk

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Bernadette Says:

Hi Keith: Did the results of your son's analysis ever come back and if so what were the results? Please email me at: {edited for privacy}. Thanks so much!

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cruzdaza Says:

Does anyone know which pharmacies carry the cheapest ADIPEX-P (phentermine37.5mg)? I been paying around $239 for phentermine 37.5mg 30ct. and the price listed above is the cheapest I paid, so I am hoping that someone knows of a cheaper pharmacy or other ways to save money! Also, please make sure that it's not PHENTRAMINE! thanks

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koolme Says:

most phentermine on the internet are fakes unless you have to send in a prescription. I have been scammed many times finally I just decided to stop wasting money and go to my family doctor and get real thing for sure.

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Barbara Says:

I have some phentermine (adipex) with the markings A-159, half inch, white with blue specks. But it is fake. I have taken it and it does nothing. I have taken phentermine before and it has always helped me to lose weight. This fake adipex does nothing.

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concerned Says:

Hello there i just received the medication with imprint A159 white oval but does not have blue specks in them that all the others have are they fake? Has anyone else taking them im honestly afraid to take just in case.

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Marley Says:

Did these turn out to be a good brand?

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Leigh Says:

A159 stamp Axion from Mexico white oval with blue specks. Are they legitimate? Is the taste test a good way to determine if they are?

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Evelyn Says:

I would like to fill a prescription for Phentermine 37 mg 159 again for weight loss. I've lost 10 lbs but need to lose more.

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