Oxyfend - Genital Warts Treatment

Assunta Says:

I just want to know if anyone here have used before the cream Oxyfend? We've found out that my elder sister have genital warts. We skip on using the home remedies as a treatment as what my mother decision. We've been looking for best homeopathic medicine. As I've search over Google, many were preferring for cream Oxyfend as genital warts treatment. Is it effective?

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Verwon Says:

You should be informed that there is no actual cure for genital warts, but there are medications that can help control them and prevent or treat the symptoms.

This is an over the counter product that claims to help with many of the symptoms, but as a natural product that contains a proprietary formula of things such as Salicylic Acid and Green Tea, which they claim are infused with Oxygen, it is not actually proven to help with anything.


What has her doctor advised her to use?

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chacey14 Says:

I had a recurrence after the doctor froze off my warts. Since I can no longer afford to have it treated that way again, I ended up with Oxyfend cream also to treat the warts that reappeared. The cream worked, fortunately. I had no recurrence ever since because I started to intentionally boost my immune system. My doctor told me to live a healthy lifestyle against the virus. You can research on it more and purchase it from their website.

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Arno Says:

Where can I find oxifend zerowarts in South Africa? I ordered it from the company in NZ. Six months have past and no product yet. Thank you.

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Desperate Says:

Where did you order it at? Having a hard time finding. I've also went to the zero warts website and still couldn't find it. Please help?!

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