Over The Counter Medicine Help To Get Motions

Merry Says:

Hi, Am 53 years old Merry weighted 80KG. lives in US. Am a diabetic Type-II patient. I do not have regular stool outs some time it takes 3 to 5 days to get it out(but very little). So, Please suggest me over the counter medicine to get stool out regularly.
Thanks in advance, Merry.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Merry! How are you doing?

Are you on any medications for your diabetes?

What types of foods do you eat and how much liquid do you take in each day?

Have you consulted you doctor?

Before resorting to a medication, it is best to have this checked out and discover what's causing it. As solution may be as simple as adding more fiber to our diet or more liquids.

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Merry Says:

Hello Verwon, Thanks for asking.
Am taking Diabetic medication "Glycinorm M-80" twice daily.

I take Rice, Wheat and curries and 2 lts water daily.

Consulted doctor a year ago but medicines did not work out. When I take tablets, it cause burning in stomach.

Need suggestions for proper diet plan and medication for stool out.


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Verwon Says:

You are very welcome, I'm happy to help, if I can.

If your doctor approves, upping your fiber intake first might be the best thing to do. There are many supplements available and they are safer than resorting to a medication that may cause unwanted side effects.

Have you ever tried Metamucil? It's an excellent fiber supplement that doesn't taste horrible!

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