On High Dosage And Unable To Stabalise Inr

Paul Says:

After post dvt have been taking warfarin for 3 weeks now and still can't get the required inr levels to level out . Have been on 13 mg daily for the last week and my inr did go up to 2.6 after 3 days but went down to 2.4 and last check was 2.0 . I don't eat or drink anything with vitamin k . My doctor doesn't seem to know why with such a high dosage of warfarin my inr level is dropping . If anyone can give me some insight to a reason for this I would be very grateful . And could pass the information on to my doc.

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Candi Says:

I had the same problem and had to switch from Warfarin to the branded drug, Coumadin. While they are suppose to be the same, they are not. Once I changed, everything has been fine.

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yadevasthali Says:

for non metalic valves inr between 2 to 2.5 is acceptable. inr also depends upon other medicines you ae taking. my wife has been taking warfarine 2.5mg..alternate to warfarine is acetrome the dosage has to be adjusted by doctors.

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