Nitrofurantoin Mono/mac 100mg Side Effects

Lauren Says:

After taking this medication for three days, I did not experience any side effects except for intense headaches right after taking it. On the fourth day I woke up with extreme shortness of breath, feeling of heaviness in my chest, chills, and joint pain. I have never had this sort of reaction to an antibiotic before, or any sort of medicine for that matter, so I thought I might have the flu. I went to the doctor and tested negative for the flu and he said I may have been suffering from really bad allergies. I forgot to take both of the antibiotic pills that day and woke up the next morning feeling better. I then took two pills, one in the afternoon and one at night, and woke up the next day the same as the fourth day. Are these normal side effects for this antibiotic? Also, what about the drug causes the shortness of breath and heaviness in my chest?

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Lauren Says:

I forgot to add: the shortness of breath gets worse when I bend over, which I thought was strange.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Lauren! How are you feeling?

Anytime you feel symptoms like this, you should consult your doctor or seek medical attention immediately. They could be due to some other medical problem and may not be just due to the medication.

Have things changed at all? Have you consulted your doctor, yet?

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lisa0331 Says:

I started taking tHis yestetday i have had 2 doses is all. I am taking 100 mg 2x a day. Since i took the first one ive had a headache i took the second one and the headache hasnt went my chest feels heavy but if i just sit im ok. Is it jusr my body getting use to it? I started premarin a week ago and progestrone so i am confused if its the uti pill or one week on hrt. Either way my hot flashes have subsided yes! Could this just be something that wont last once i a. use to it?

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Sarah Says:

After 5 days of taking this for a uti I developed tightness of my chest and the inability to breath deep without having to cough. I am still having chest heaviness like a weight is on it when I lie down. I couldn't go for my normal run because my lungs didn't have the capacity they normally did. (Chest was hurting) I THEN started wondering about this medicine and read the reviews. I usually try to handle illness naturally because I don't trust the Dr's and drug companies. I am kicking myself right now for not researching before taking. I hope the symptoms are not indicative of lung damage from this obviously poisonous crap!

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Tracy Says:

My sister started taking this medication two days ago, she sufferers from server migraines, so wasn't really complaining of headaches. However she started complaining of joint pains fever like symptoms And tightness of her chest. I told her to call the pharmacy and see if this could be an allgeric reaction, she waited and then decided to go to an urgent care clinic, where they did say it was an allergic reaction. I think the makers of this medicine should have a bigger warning label on bottle.

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Allwn Says:

Been sweating a lot with this medicine is that normal or a side effect from this medicine?

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