Nimza 3mg (nimetazepam) - Only Benzo That Worked For My Ptsd

Rick Says:

I need to know if I can get a domestic prescription for Nimenza 3mg, or Nimetazepam 3mg. I was prescribed it in Japan and it was the only anti-anxiety medication that completely helped me and did not make me sedated for drowsy. Any advice or compounding pharmacies that can dispense this medication? Do manufacturers ever make deals with third parties who have prescriptions for the drug (which I do in Japan and USA; Schedule IV here although not produced, only one company now makes it!)

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Happy Man Says:

Erimin 5 is one name for a drug called Nimetazepam, a type of Benzodiazepine manufactured in Sumitomo, Japan. It is an intermediate-acting hypnotic drug. It was first synthesized in 1962 by a team from Hoffman La Roche. Since early November 2015, it has ceased to be manufactured in Japan. It was prescribed for the short-term treatment of patients with severe insomnia, but in recent times, patients have been prescribed other hypnotics like Etizolam and Flunitrazepam to treat their illnesses due to the addictive and harmful consequences of Nimetazepam use. Erimin 5 is most popular in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It is also known as “Happy 5”.

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Steven Says:

I have never heard of this benzo. I do not know if it is actually prescribed in the US.

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Martin Irving Says:

Your medication is made in Japan, you would expect to be put on nitrazapam,estolazam, flunitrazam or perhaps other benzodiazepine or similar. It is a shame it became a drug of abuse and has been demonized for this despite its large therapeutic window, it's effective and you cannot overdose on benzodiazepines alone. There is so little toxicity.

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