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What Is The Substitute Of Nicorandil

There's an Egyptian Nicorandil 20 mg double scored down to 5 mg named Randil ## Is there another tablet I could take instead of Nicorandil? I got terrible mouth ulcers and had them for months. ## Is there a substitute medicine for Nicorandil-5 that's available in Dubai? Please advise. ## Were you able to find a substitute for Nicorandil 5 in Dubai? Please let me know. I'm looking for the same here in Dubai, for my mom who takes this medicine and who is here on visit.

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Nicorandil Interaction With Diclofenac

Can I take volarol diclofenac with nicorandil angina spray ## my existing prescription includes Diclofenic tabs and Tadalafil....I have additional prescription now of Nicorandil and there any conflict/problem here? ## Half tablet Nikoran-s 5mg prescribed twice daily after enjyoplast a month back.This medicine gives me headache.How long do i have to take this medicine?If longer any different medicine which will have no side effects. ## SIR/MADAM I HAVE ALL SIDE EFFECT OF NICORANDIL 5,(TWICE A DAY ) WHICH WAS PRESCRIBE AFTER MY ANGIOGRAFY, PL. HELP DELETING ALL SIDE EFFECT..NAMELY WEAKNESS,DIGINESS/SLEEPY THROGHOUT DAY,FEELING MORE PALPITATION. ETC. PL.HELP. ## Generally, these medications are not prescribed together, since the Diclofenac can cause fluid retention, and elev...

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Nicorandil and headaches

I stopped taking nicorandil 4 days ago but am still having terrible headaches. Is this normal? ## How long were you taking it? Some side effects may linger for a few weeks, after stopping any given medication, according to NIH reports. It may also cause nausea, dizziness, and increased urination. Has there been any improvement, yet? Have you switched to a different medication?

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Nicorandil permission to bring to the USA

I will be traveling from UK to California for 4 weeks holiday, please can you tell me if my prescribed Nicorandil will be allowed through customs. I have been taking it for 5 years. ## Hi, Kathy! As long as it's a valid prescription that shows the dosing schedule, doctor's name and contact information, then you're allowed to bring in up to 3 months of it. When traveling, I usually carry the prescriptions and a printout from my doctor that shows why each one has been prescribed. And please be sure to leave them in the original prescription containers, as customs may question any loose tablets in unmarked pill carriers. Are there any other questions or concerns? ## When will nicorandil be available. In the United states?

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Is there any Drug I can take in place of Nicorandil?

I was prescribed 30 MG Nicorandil twice a day well over 2 yrs ago and I am in Canada on Holiday. I had taken all my prescribed medication with me for my trip, but when my father's health suddenly deteriorated I had to extend my stay and I have run out of Nicorandil. My father has subsequently passed away, but the medication is not available here. So is there any other medication I can take in place of it until I return home Sept 7th? I only ran out a couple of days ago and don't want to risk my health as I was using it for angina.

Nicorandil/ photosensitivity

Can Nicorandil cause a rash and severe itching of skin that has been exposed to sunlight. I have symptoms that appear very similar to sunburn accompanied by an intense, unbearable itching after a very brief exposure to sunlight. ## Hi, Ray! I did some searching and it appears that it can do that in some people that take it. I found a study that lists that it occurred in several of the test subjects and was related to the Nicorandil. Learn more Nicorandil details here. I am not sure what other medications may be available for you. Have you consulted your doctor? Do you use sunblock? ## Hi Verwon Thanks for your reply. Yes, I do use sunblock now but at the time I got the rash I wasn't using any. I know I should always protect myself from the sun but I have never had a problem before. ...

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nicoran 5

which compony has this brand name for nicorandil ## Nicoran 5 is the band name of nicorandil-5mg marketed by Torrent pharmaxceuticals ,India ## I Used To Take Nicoran5 Tab Once In The Morning And Another At Night If Forget to takeTablet Then What Harm Can Be Caused?

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Tab Flavedon Mr Side Effects

SAFETY OF USE OF 1. Trimetazidine ( Flaviden) 2. Nicorandil (Nikkoran) 3. Ranolazine (Ranozex) , and, 4. Ezetamibe ( Ezedoc) IN PORPHYRIA PATIENTS?? ## Have you discussed this with your doctor? When it comes to any medical condition and medications used, only you and your doctor can evaluate the safety of their use for treatment. Trimetazadine is most commonly used to treat angina. You can learn more about it here: Nicorandil is a vasodilatory medication that is also commonly used to treat angina. Its side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, mouth ulcers and headache. Learn more: Ranloazine is another antianginal, with side effects similar to what I mentioned above. Ezetimibe is most commonly used to help lower cholesterol, its side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, head...

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Angispan Tr

I had a heart attack in 1996 and 2 stents were placed in RCA. Recently, after a routine checkup a medicated stent was placed in LAD on 10/5/2011 and among other medicines(Rantac 150, Prasita 10, Cardace H5, Metolar XR 25, Atorlip 10, Ecosprin 150) I was prescribed Nicorandil/Nicoduce 5 which used to give me a severe general headache. It has now been substituted by Angispan TR 2.6 mg to be taken at 10AM and 4PM. This medicine also gives me such a sever headache which mimics cluster headache sysmptoms and left temple area throbs and hurts like hell. The medicine could be purchased only in 2.5mg variety as chemist says it comes with that strength only. The pain is unbearable. What should be done to resolve this? Can I stop this? Should I bear this pain extreme pain for few more weeks and s...

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Nicorandil Availability

Can you please tell me if this drug has another name in Italy and if it is available in this country? ## Nicorandil is a Vasodilator that is used to treat Angina. I don't know if it is still available in Italy, however, at one time it was and the brand names you can check for are Andilex or Ikorol. Does anyone else have more information on this?

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K-Cor 5

why is this medicine prescribed? what are its side effects?can it be taken along with ecosprin AV75 and Olmesor A? ## I am writing this from Kolkata, India. My mother was detected with high LDL of 171 and serum Cholesterol of 248.The doctor had prescribed Ecosprin AV 75 and Kcor 5mg.THus wanted to know the use of the above mentioned medicines. Kcor 5 is manufactured in India by Macleods Pharmaceuticals Ltd & states as Nicorandil Tablets. Kindly try to give answer to my query

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nicorandil substance abuse

Can nicorandil be a source of substance abuse? what are its effects ## Nicorandil is a vasodilator that is most commonly used to treat Angina. I am not sure how or why it would encourage anyone to abuse it, it's side effects are not of the pleasant or enjoyable kind and may include: flushing, weakness, heart palpitations and mouth ulcers. Are there any other comments or questions?

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nicorandil and lisinopril,drugs interaction

Is concominent use of lisinopril contraindicated with nicorandil? ## I cannot post a definite answer for you whether Nicorandil and Lisinopril are contraindicated for one another because Nicorandil is not available in the USA. I will, however, summarize some details for you below, which may be of help. First, "Nicorandil acts by relaxing the smooth muscle of the blood vessels, especially those of the venous system. It does this through two methods. Firstly, by activating potassium channels, and secondly by donating nitric oxide to activate the enzyme guanylate cyclase." [1] There are a number of types of medication that can interact with Lisinopril. Those include: Diuretics, Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, Potassium Supplements, Potassium-Sparing Diuretics, and Lithium. [2...

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