Nicorandil/ Photosensitivity

Ray Says:

Can Nicorandil cause a rash and severe itching of skin that has been exposed to sunlight. I have symptoms that appear very similar to sunburn accompanied by an intense, unbearable itching after a very brief exposure to sunlight.

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Verwon Says:

Hi, Ray!

I did some searching and it appears that it can do that in some people that take it.

I found a study that lists that it occurred in several of the test subjects and was related to the Nicorandil.

Learn more Nicorandil details here.

I am not sure what other medications may be available for you.

Have you consulted your doctor?

Do you use sunblock?

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Ray Says:

Hi Verwon
Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I do use sunblock now but at the time I got the rash I wasn't using any. I know I should always protect myself from the sun but I have never had a problem before. My forearms are quite hairy and have never got sunburnt.

I have seen my doctor and am currently waiting to see a specialist.

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