Need Resources

d0512 Says:

I suffer from Chronic Pain due to Necrotizing Pancreatitis. It's been a year since the initial Pancreatic Attack and I am still in constant pain. Four months after the initial attack my Pancreas became inflamed and infected and ruptured a massive hole in my stomach. I was rushed to the local ER and eventually Life Flighted to my Group of Surgeons 45 minutes by air. During the Emergency surgery, surgeons were attempting to repair my stomach when they sliced through the main artery to my Spleen causing even more severe bleeding. Once the surgery was complete I was left with No Pancreas, an infarcted Spleen and sutures to repair a baseball size hole in my stomach with a "J" tube penetrating in to my small intestines for feed tube and "G" tube penetrating through in to my stomach for drainage. Since my Surgeons are so far away they will not treat me and insist to find a Family Practitioner who will be willing to treat my condition. I live in a smaller town and now have gone through two General Practitioners and pretty much exhausted my ER visits from the chronic pain. The only thing that seems to help is Oxycodone. My drs no longer will prescribe meds for me and think that I'm a pill popper and I should no longer have any pain what so ever. I've gone to Pain Management and that was a JOKE! I literally met with the Pain Mgmt doctor for maybe 60 seconds. He did not ask me a single question. He mentioned that their Clinic prescribes straight Oxycodone and not Percocet. Gave me (90) 5mg of Oxycodone and was told to take (1) every 8 hours for 30 days. Before I left their clinic I was given a follow up appt in 30 days. Had to sign a contract that I would only receive pain meds from their clinic only. Just as luck would have it, I developed Kidney stones and started to take the oxycodone for the kidney pain. I did not want to get scripts from any other drs in fear that the Pain Mgmt clinic would drop me. So I called my Pain Mgmt clinic to talk to them and they would not help me nor could they get me in any sooner than my previously scheduled follow up appt. In the past (3) wks I have had (5) Kidney Stones removed along with stent placement which were removed 3-4 days later. I've had 4-5 additional scripts for Percocet to deal with all this pain and I am very certain that the Pain Mgmt Clinic will drop me.

Anyone out there that would have any advice on where to go, who to see or where I can get medicine for my chronic pain would be greatly appreciated!