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Law Firm Handling Class Action Against Nasonex

Where do I inquire abourt a class action which I understand has been or will be filled against the makers of Nasonex. My son has used it for a long time for allergies and now has glaucoma. ## I'm 55 year old and was prescribed nasonex for ear aches several yeaars ago. Had some vision problems(floaters) and was refered to an opthamologist to find out I have Glaucoma.(No family history) Had to have laser surgery for it 2 years ago. Saw a recent commercial suggesting a link with the nasonex and have stopped using. ## My son is 8 years old and used it for quite awhile also. He was just diagnosed with glaucoma. ## Any of the following accomplished attorneys who practice in the medical area can get the case started. These are DC lawyers but the case will be nationwide for all of us. Refer...

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Class Action against the makers of Nasonex

In December I was diagnosed w/ cataracts in both eyes (I'm only 54). Two days ago I heard an ad on TV for Nasonex & it mentioned cataracts were a possible side effect. I used Nasonex for a few months a couple of years ago & I just bet it's the culprit behind my eye problems. Anyone else in the same boat as me? ## Nasonex may cause cataracts or glaucoma, or it can make these conditions worse, however, the problem you are going to have is the burden of proof. Do you have any medical evidence that will show that you got them from using the Nasonex and not due to some other reason? These class action suits don't really net anyone any money, other than the lawyers that are involved, if one does get filed and the only people that can get any type of recompense are those wi...

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Sudden weakness & dizziness

I started taking Nasonex to help clear up an inner ear blockage. Within 30 minutes of taking the spaying it into both nostrils, I became completely fatigued, dizzy and disoriented. It was most noticeable as I stood up and began walking. It felt like something was wrong and I felt anxious and my heart was racing. I checked my blood pressure and blood sugar but they were both normal. I felt better the next morning. I sprayed each nostril in the morning without a noticeable side effect. So I figured that same evening it should be alright to continue. The same symptoms recurred from the previous night, and improved only slightly by bedtime. I slept well, but still feel some of the dizziness. Has anybody else had these side effects? ## Oh yes, I did experience this, and more, when I tried it...

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Can you use nasonex while taken belviq

I would like to know if you Can you use Nasonex while taken belviq ## Hello, Maia! How are you? I didn't find any problems or interactions listed between them, but it's always best to double check to be sure. The FDA lists the typical side effects of Nasonex as possibly including headache, sore throat and flu-like symptoms. Belviq may cause side effects, such as headache, nausea, dizziness and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with?

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nasonex damage

I was prescribed Nasonex for two months last autumn and am now reaping the benefits. I have constant nose bleeds and am now allergic the various things including paint. I am due to have cauterisation for damaged blood vessel which was caused by this drug. ## Hello, Paulie! How are you doing? I'm sorry about what you've experienced. Unfortunately, every medication carries the risk of possibly causing side effects and some long-term damage, it's just what happens when you add a chemical to the body to try to correct a problem. The FDA lists its other most common side effects as possibly including headache, taste disturbances, diarrhea and nausea. When are you having the procedure?

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deriphyllin retad 150 pills

Dear doctor, Im 37 yrs. Mother of 2, im on allergy tablet montek for past 3 months and nasal spray nasonex. I have breathing difficulties for last 2 yrs but recently it had become worse, a whisting sound comes with breathing difficulty and pain in right side of the chest. recently I mentioned this to my ENT. He advised disperyllin retad 150 together with mintek for 10 days and said some symptoms r showing up in my chest. can I know what could be this symptoms? Thanks,

Four days of use is too long

I've been using half the prescribed dose (given by allergist) of Nasonex for past 4 days. I hadn't even considered the possibility of cataracts but I do have a swollen eye (never experienced before) and feel like I'm getting a sinus infection. I'm guessing my cold sore outbreak of 2 days ago was also due to the fact that this drug lowers the immune system (found that info on the Internet, certainly not from the doc). I'm done with this medical experiment! I'll start washing my nose out with saline instead. ## Hi, Rebecca! Sorry that is caused your problems. You are not the first one to post about such things and I am quite certain that you won't be the last. However, it's good that you were using only half the dose and for such a short time, when you foun...

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Hypersensitive smell of fumes in nose and throat

My doctor prescribed Nasonex for a persistant cough, I only took it for approx one month and then noticed that from morning to night I was aware of a constant smell of fumes and a hightened smell of everything, especially detergents and room deoderisers, also a prickle feeling in my eyes. On returning to my GP she put me on Loratadine for two months, it is now two months on and I am no better. My life has been spoiled over the last three months, I am sucking peppermints all day long and eating as often as possible, I have put on 7 or 8 pounds and feel awful. I am returning to my GP next Monday. I am 73 years old. I wish I had never taken Nasonex and feel that if this and so many other side effects are possible it should be withdrawn. ## Hi Graham, Sorry to hear about your situation with...

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Cataracts from Nasonex

I have Nasonex for the past 3 years for allergy's and my eye doctor determined that it was from the allergy med that I had been on...I had surgery on the cataract and now have my vision back in my right eye and my left eye has one but it is not really bad yet. ## Wow, I had no idea allergy medication could cause cataracts as a side effect. I find it surprising that they do not list the potential for such serious conditions on their side effect label. Some details I gathered that may be helpful to you if you experience a serious side effect, is that, you or your doctor may send a report to the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program online [at] or by phone [1-800-332-1088]. Reporting a medication's side effects to ...

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How long will the side effects take to go?

I was perscribed nasonex about a month ago. About a week after taking it I got really ill with flu luke symptoms. Atfer the aches and pains in the body went away ive been left with dizziness and bad headaches. I stopped taking it a week ago and still have these symptoms. I also had the odd spell of blurry vision but haven't had that since I stopped taking it. I want to know how long my head is going to feel scrambled like this. Its very fustrating, my doctor never warned me about any side effects. Ive been learning to drive and got all these problems just before the test and felt awful on the day. I failed on one silly mistake, which possibly wouldn't have happened if I had a clear head. Basically nasonex has ruined me and stopped me being interested in my hobbies. When will I f...

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I have been prescribed Nasonex and used it for couple of years for Alergy. I start suffering from severe eye dryness started with an infection in my eyes which it took couple of months to recover, but the eye dryness and the pressure I feel on my eyes is with me since then. I was diagnosed with eye Catarax in my both eyes when I was 52. Is there any Attorney working on this? ## Hi Parvin, You're certainly not alone on this matter. I recently came across another thread here in the forum discussing the possibility of a class action lawsuit against Nasonex. You can have a look at it here: Discuss/Class-Action-against-the-makers-of-Nasonex-215748.htm I'm unsure if any action has been taken just yet, but perhaps you can discuss this more with those individuals who are experiencing th...

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Nasonex And Glaucoma

I have been using Nasonex for several weeks from july thru november 2012. Early in october I started having some problem at right eyes. Today, 9 january 2013 I have been diagnosed cataratta in both eyes and glaucoma caused by cortisone ## It is warned about as a possible side effect with using Nasonex. Learn more Nasonex details here. I am very sorry that it has happened to you. There have been quite a few posts from people that have all experienced the same thing. Do you know what your treatment options are, yet?

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Nasonex Lawsuit

I had eye sergury. And other eye problem s. ## Hi willie, If it's of any help, there's actually two other threads here with information pertaining to class-action lawsuits against Nasonex. You can have a look at these threads here: Discuss/Class-Action-against-the-makers-of-Nasonex-215748_s2.htm Discuss/Law-Firm-Handling-Class-Action-Against-Nasonex-230595_s2.htm I hope this info helps point you in the right direction! ## I am very sorry that you have suffering vision issues. How long were you using it? I am not aware of any lawsuit regarding this medication and this website does not handle such if there were one, it is an information about prescription drugs only website. Learn more Nasonex details here. That said, such a lawsuit would likely only be a waste of time and money, ...

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False Positive For Opiates and cannabinoids

I tested positive for opiates and cannabinoids in a urine test to screen for metal toxins like arsenic, lead etc. This alarms me as I have not been consuming any of these substances. I have been taking nuproxin (alieve) for pain and a steroid anti inflammatory nasal spray (nasonex) and gabapentin for pain with no results. This concerns me as I've been ill for over a year but nothing shows up in tests other than illicit drug use and as far as I know, neither would be causing my symptoms either way. It could however, determine my healthcare provider's ability and willingness to diagnose me. Any help would be appreciated.

No Problem

i have taken the drug Nasonex and i havent suffered any eye troubles or anything of that nature but i was wondering if i should use it after the expiration date ## How long has it been since the expiration date? The shelf life of Nasonex is noted to be up to 3 years when stored below 25°C (77°F) in the manufacturer's original packaging material. If its been continuing to work for you even after the date, then I'd say it's fine to use. According to a Harvard Medical School family health article, except in rare cases (i.e. tetracycline), there is little chance of danger due to taking medications even up to 15 years beyond their expiration date. I don't know whether or not the drug you have happens to be one of the drugs from their study, but for your ...

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Nasonex Causes Eye Problems

Its funny how those drug companys can take a perfect human and trash them with there precriptions that have more side effects than anything. i noticed nasonex causes eye problems.the first question my eye doctor ask was ? does glucoma run in the family ? No ! after watching TV i know why I am a suspect for glucoma. I hate prescriptions , they are an easy death, the pills people take thinking there getting better when there not is B/S. ## Hi JD F, I can understand how you feel about prescription drugs and certainly agree with a lot of the points you made. According to the link below, changes in vision are a severe side effect of Nasonex: Are you experiencing side effects of glaucoma?

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Nasonex causing cataracts

I Have Been Using Nasonex For 15 Years In My Late 50s Got Diagnosed With Cataracts Both Eyes And Had One Cataract Surgery Am A Very Successful Artist Make Living Painting. Is There Anything Can Do? ## You aren't the only one that has posted about getting them after using a steroid medication, such as this, there have been posts about both Nasonex and Flonase. Here are the links to some of the other posts: You can find the Flonase details here. You can find the Nasonex post here. Learn more Nasonex details here. I am not, however, aware of any other recourse you may have, unless you do some searching to see if someone started a class action, as was suggested in some other posts. Are you going to require more surgery? I am so sorry, this has to be so awful for an artist.

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nasonex or fluticasone use w/ glaucoma

is fluticasone or nasonex contraindicated w/severe glaucoma or cataracts ## The medication Fluticasone "is not" contraindicated in patients with either of those conditions; however Nasonex "IS" contraindicated in patients with BOTH of those conditions. Here is a complete list of Nasonex's contraindications: acne rosacea acne vulgaris nasal septal perforation nasal surgery nasal trauma ophthalmic administration perioral dermatitis status asthmaticus abrupt discontinuation asthma breast-feeding cataracts children corticosteroid hypersensitivity Cushing’s syndrome diabetes mellitus elderly fungal infection glaucoma herpes infection hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) suppression increased intracranial pressure infection measles occlusive dressing ocu...

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MY LIL BROTHER USED NASONEX FOR THREE YEARS HE NOW IS BLINDE IN HIS LEFT EYE AND GOING TO LOSE THAT EYE FROM GLACOMA HE IS ONLY 25 YEARS OLD I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW HOW TO GET A HOLD OF A LAWYER ## Well, if it is possible to file some type of law suit, it is your brother that would have to do it, since he is the victim and a functioning adult. We have had many other similar complaints, you may want to read over the information in these other threads and see if any of it helps you: As you can see from most of the comments on there, the problem is proving that the damage was solely related to the use of Nasonex. Did his doctor say it was caused by Nasonex?

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I used nasonex only a short while, each time I used it, it made my eyes water and burn I then I got a fungel infection in my throat, then I got cataracs, but I have light blue green eyes and was told I would never be able to prove it was nasonex ## Then that is more than likely correct, while it is known to cause such damage it is very rare and usually results from long-term usage. It is very difficult to prove such things, unless the issue occurs immediately and a doctor corroborates the suspicion that it was caused by the medication. What treatments are you currently using?

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