Naproxeno 250mg

MariaLaLoca77 Says:

I found these pills in my boyfriends Truck? What are they for? He orders medication from Mexico and I don't trust Mexican pharmacists sometimes. Not the products but the people that sell the items because they did not go to school as long as our pharmasists do here in the US (6yrs.)

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Verwon Says:

Naproxen is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory that is used to relieve pain, fever and swelling. It's the same active ingredient that is used in Aleve, but higher dosages require a prescription.

Side effects may include: nausea, headache, stomach irritation and risk of bleeding.

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Kiara Says:

Do you know how ignorant and stupid you sound saying s*** that you don't even know, please educate yourself about the "Mexican Pharmasist" before you speak..

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mx Says:

You are so stupid AND ignorant

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aleve Says:

so if i understand you correctly, the only pharmacists who actually went to school are all in the U.S.? really? how did reach this conclusion?

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Lee B Says:

Sounds like you are an overpaid pharmasist or married to one. I was given this drug by Mexican dentist (25% or less then my US dentist) and it worked immediatly to alleviate the pain. The cost of drugs in the US is directly related to how much lawyers get sueing the drug companies

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ShadyJ Says:

I always get a chuckle from people ridiculing another persons education when they don't even know how to spell pharmacist. Especially when you get a squiggly red line indicating you misspelled it when using pharmasist.

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keveno Says:

She read it on the internet. Lol.

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Eddy Says:

You tell the girl wtf does she know about mexican pharmaceutical or mexican practices another ignorant person trying to sound smart

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jammer Says:

Thanks for the information-Sounds right to me/ also seems you hit a nerve truth be told ouch!!

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Kim Says:

Pretty much ALL the doctors and pharmacists went to schools in the US or in very repeatable schools here in Mexico. I would trust my life to them. Stop being the typical stuck up conceded American.

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The lion Says:

Marialaloca, tu si sue estas love u pendeja

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Felicia Says:

I'm trying to find out what naproxeno 250mg looks like

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Kiko Says:

I have issues with my feet and I do take Naproxeno. And it works very good.

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mo490 Says:

I am not a Mexican nor an American. The whole world knows about Latin American educations. There is a big differentiation between each college in Latin America and that brings one big problem. The problem is you dont know which of the colleges had a good education level. That means that an Electrical Engineer graduated in x City is not the same as the y City. That means that if you graduated in Latin America you are stuck to work in Latin America. If you decide to go out of your country to work in USA or somewhere in Europe, you will end up working as a contractor helper. You could be an Engineer but only in your own country.
There is nothing you can do about it cause the problem is not outside of your country but your own country having a bad education system. There are no books in college but only internet material downloaded to give lessons. I am a retired educator and have been analyzing the Latin America educations for more than 8 years and finally made this terrible report. I have seen so many Latin American Engineers with a fraud license.

Yes, you can buy licenses easily and they are registered like a valid license. Incredable but the real truth. It's very sad to know that most people pay a lot of money to have a career and afterwards the career is only valid in their country. They have to live with this real truth. I am not making a destructive comment. Consider this as a constructive comment. Maybe its about time that all colleges join and make a single solid education with no differentials. An Engineer graduated in x City has the same level of education as one in a y City. Also a must is having cooperation with the outside world so it's valid outside their country. Hope to have you Latin American citizens informed about the real truth and where the problems have to be reevaluated for a better career all over this world. Put an END to fraud licenses. PERIOD.

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MaNana Says:

Just in case you didn't know a pharmacist in Mexico doesn't need to go to school six years like in the USA. And that is because education level is higher and classes are more intense. Beginning from grade school if you don't meet the required grade at the end of the year you actually repeat the grade level until you pass. Not like the US. You fail and you still go to the next grade level.

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Ihnen Says:

I'm just curious to know what the difference is between Naproxen "g 32" vs "ip 190" and which is better?

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Cakes Says:

I have had a concussion for two months now and I still have bad headaches. Can I take naproxen?

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Joe Smith Says:

Re: Lee B (# 5) Expand Referenced Message


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