Neurobion Tablets For Diabetic Patients

Arun Says:

Hello sir well i would like to knw that NEUROBION tablets for diabetic patients is gud or bad? And,,normaly i have sugar fo 185 ,,,,after food it goes to 250,,so pls help me a with an answers

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Verwon Says:

Neurobion Forte contains: Calcium 50mgs, Cyanocobalamin 15mcgs, Nicotinamide 45mgs, Pyridoxine 3mgs, Riboflavin 10mgs and Thiamine 10mgs.

It is a nutritional supplement that is used to help ensure that you get the proper amounts of these vital nutrients, as a deficiency in them can contribute to or cause quite a few health problems.


As to the blood sugar elevations after eating, it is normal for it to raise some, however, the 250 is very high.

What are you eating? Almost everything we eat is turned into the various types of sugars that our bodies burn for fuel. However, when you are a diabetic, there are certain things that will raise it even more, that you need to stay away from and not eat too much of. This includes any types of refined sugars, like table sugar and corn syrup, as well as the natural sugars found in fruits.

You also have to watch your fat intake, because fats coat the cells and prevent them from absorbing the sugar that is needed for energy. This causes it to just remain in your blood stream and continue to elevate your blood sugar levels. This means you need to eat low-fat foods and lean meats.


Are there any other questions or comments?

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suzee Says:

hello sir..
my uncle is about 65 years..and was affected with saturday night palsy in early mornings so my question is can we give neurobion injection as an prophylactic or immediate treatment for him...he is diabetic

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Deepak Says:

Is Neobion fort tablet can preccrib for dibetic pesent?

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mohammed Says:

I am 62 years of age with diabetes type 1

daily i am tacking glucovance 500ml

can i take neurobion inj...???

If so, how many inj's are required for treatment?....Or, if it's tablets, how many would I need to take?

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raj Says:

Type 2 diabetic, tingling feeling on scalp and face. My sugar levels are 97/130. Can I take neurobion forte inj's. for reduction of tingling feeling? I'm age 68, male, and have been diabetic since 20 yrs. I take gluconorm SR 1 g morning n night + 1 tablet damicron Mr 30 mg in the morning.

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NEUROBION TABLETS FOR DIABETIC PATIENTS?Im already taking my Galvosmet 50/1000 for 4yqers already....

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Dunstan Says:

Hi, my feet were burning and needling sensations, I started using neurobion tabs but when i urine my urine is yellow in color is not affecting my health?

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Nazeer Says:

Met neurobion tablet is good or bad for diabitic patient, is it safe for intake or any side effects

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Rubina noureen Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I am a sugar patient type 2 shall i take aceclofenac

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Naima Says:

A hypertensive+diabetic patient is taking medicines as propranalol+insuline since many years ago and now he badly feel body ache'muscles pain(uric acid level is normal)..plzz trll that neurobion is safe for her mucles pain?or if any other plz tell

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