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Little circle blue pill that has the word Mylantin on it. ## Greetings, I've searched all around and absolutely nothing comes up for the word mylantin regarding pills or the medical industry. I have found many similar pharmaceutical companies such as Mylan or Mylanta. This leads me to believe that we are overlooking something here, perhaps there is a break somewhere or the structuring of the letters could be off. Maybe if you give me a bit more information on the imprint itself I can think of a different way to look up the pill. Do the letters circle around the pill or are they centered or perhaps even some are over the others?

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Are there any side effects of taking a GI cocktail?

I was given a GI cocktail of mylanta, lidocaine viscous and dicyclomine at the er. I went in with chest pains feeling really out of it, shortness of breath, had blisters on the roof of my mouth, tired and couldn't remain awake. It could've been due to an allergic reaction to tramadol pain pills which I got last Friday. A chest xray showed ACUTE bronchitis and chest pains. EKG twice was fine. Did it twice Tuesday and nothing came up, but when I drank that GI Cocktail when my throat got numb, it felt like I was suffocating. I could hardly breathe. It felt like my air intake was closing up on me. I could see in my mind what it felt like it was doing. Like you see pictures in the doctors office of plague built up in the artery and the little hole where the blood barely flows; that...

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WHAT IS THIS MEDICINE FOR. I HAVE A BLISTER IN MY MOUTH FOR ABOUT TWO WEEKS.i ## Diphenhydramine, with Mylanta and Viscous Lidocaine is a combination that is used to treat several conditions, the Lidocaine treats the pain associated with that blister and the Mylanta helps reduce stomach upset and stomach acid, the Diphenhydramine can also reduce nausea. Was this prescribed by your doctor? ## This medication was prescribed for my mother by an on call doctor. She is reluctant to take it because she doesn't have blistering in her throat. Is this the best medicine for her especially with her hypertension? Why?

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Epigastric Hernia

i have an epigastric hernia, i have just been lifting heavy items in the past few days. i have been experiancing EXTREME amounts of gas and painful wind that seems to elivate my anxiety...i am on the public "waiting list for an op but am very conserned as i am experiancing "heart pulpitations, blotching and heat in my hands.Is this just stress and anxiety or something to do with my hernia........ i am 27yrs old and smoke but never had alcohol, i have only been taking mylanta and i find "lexotan 3mg" at night is the only med that i can take, i am concerned however as i am told any of these medications can be very addictive. any feedback much appreciated. ## The Lexotan contains the active ingredient Bromazepam, which is a Benzodiazepine derivative, so yes, it can be habit...

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dark green pill with M, no other identification.

I found several dark free, circular pills with either a M or W printed on one side. No imprints on the other side. Can you please identify? Thanks. ## Hi concernedmom, Based on the description provided, I've identified your pill as a 240mg Mylanta tablet, containing a combination of aluminum hydroxide + magnesium hydroxide + simethicone. The correct marking is actually an "M" as you first mentioned. Mylanta is an over the counter antacid used for treating symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease; including heartburn, gas, and acid indigestion. And for verification, the manufacturer is reported to be Johnson & Johnson/Merck Pharmaceuticals, who seem to be on some sort of joint venture. I hope this helps!

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stomach discomfort

Which combination solve the best for stomach discomfort,belching, 1)antacids(mylanta,magtasil,aromag,hydrosil tablet) 2)PPIs(omeprazole) 3)H2 blockers (ranitidine,famotidine) 4) Meteospasmyl,domperidone Doctor prescribed me with Magtasil,domperidoneandomeprazole. But i still feel too much gas in the stomache and cause me to belch alot. i was thinking to replace magtasil with hydrosil tablet as it contains semethicone thats help to break the gas bubbles. My question 1)can i take withomeprazoleanddomperidone? 2)any side effects

Round dark green pill with w

Pill size of pinky finger nail. Round. Only a W on one side. Dark green ## I found several of the same pills. Could be a M instead of W. Looks like Mylan Lab logo. ## Hello, Based on the description provided, the closest match I'm finding is Mylanta (240mg); which is an antacid used to treat symptoms of indigestion and GERD. NOTE: The imprint appears to be an upper case "M" embedded on one side and blank on the other. It's also darker green in color with what looks like some sort of glossy/enteric coated finish. You can learn more about this drug on the page for Mylanta Details Please post back if you think this sounds like it could be a possible match. I hope this helps!

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Rp 110 Chewable Tablet

Pink round chewable tablet RP 110 may be an allergy tablet, but I am asking someone to tell me what it is please. ## Could it be mylanta? ## I think Ross was pretty good with his guess on mylanta. This pink chewable tablet is identified as Equate brand - Extra Strength Gas Relief - 125mg Simethicome. Learn More: Simethicone Details I hope this helps! ## Thank You. Simethicone hmmmm? That works for me. It is a gas relief product.

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What Is A

with bisoprol fum 10 10 mg what is the best antacid to take? can mylanta be safely taken? ## I didn't find any interactions, or problems listed between taking it and Mylanta, but you should check with your doctor, or pharmacist to be certain. Learn more Bisoprolol details here. Usually, if there is a problem, it is when you use a calcium based one, such as Tums, because it can affect the absorption of certain medications. Are there any other comments or questions?

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Mylan 152, is it Mylanta?

## A visitor left the pills here, and I am concerned about their content. Please give any information you have. I don't think they are a form of Mylanta; otherwise they would not be in an unmarked bottle. ## The pill in description is Clonidine HCL (0.1 mg). It has been prescribed historically as an antihypertensive agent. To view information about this drug, please click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do.

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Dukes Mouthwash

is dukes mouth wash for acid reflux with blisters up ur throat and on the tongue?......and is it made with mylanta and bynadryl? ## This is not a specific prescription item. There are regional items mixed to area doctor's specifications by area pharmacists, so there is no way to say for certain what is in the one you have received or what it can be used to treat. Have you tried asking your doctor or pharmacist? ## What are the directions for taking Duke's Magic mouthwash.

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round lime green pill with W on it

This is a lime green pill with a W or M on one side and nothing on the others. The print is not basic font but kind of like a Comic Sams print. They may be an illegal drug, not too sure. ## I believe I located a match to a lime green pill with a capitol M on it and nothing else. This pill is Mylanta 240 mg, which is an antacid. To learn more click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do.

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antacid ## what is milanta? ## and what doses can i take? ## That would be Mylanta, this is an over the counter antacid available in almost any store or pharmacy with a medicine shelf. The dosage will be listed on the packaging, you can buy a liquid or chewable tablets.

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