Epigastric Hernia

g man Says:

i have an epigastric hernia, i have just been lifting heavy items in the past few days. i have been experiancing EXTREME amounts of gas and painful wind that seems to elivate my anxiety...i am on the public "waiting list for an op but am very conserned as i am experiancing "heart pulpitations, blotching and heat in my hands.Is this just stress and anxiety or something to do with my hernia........ i am 27yrs old and smoke but never had alcohol, i have only been taking mylanta and i find "lexotan 3mg" at night is the only med that i can take, i am concerned however as i am told any of these medications can be very addictive. any feedback much appreciated.

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Verwon Says:

The Lexotan contains the active ingredient Bromazepam, which is a Benzodiazepine derivative, so yes, it can be habit forming.


However, in your situation the only thing I can really suggest is, after you finally get the surgery, you should really taper off of it, as slowly as possible.


Do you have any idea how long the wait is?

As to the other symptoms, they could very well be related to anxiety, but you should consult a doctor to be certain.

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ahmad nahid Says:

i have an epigastric hernia, i have just been lifting heavy items in the past few days and slite swelling right side withe minor pain lower part of the body. please advise me Benocide fort 100 mg tab is good for that

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