Methotrexate & Coumadin

Betty Says:

I have the beginning signs of
Rheumatoid Arthritis and my doctor
has prescribed Methotrexate. I
have been on Coumadin for 13 yrs.
and I am concerned about the
interaction between Methotrexate
and Coumadin. Would it be a potentially dangerous combination?

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Verwon Says:

I ran an interaction check for anything with those two drugs, there is a very good checker at, they even check out food, supplements, and beverages. There is nothing at all listed between these two meds, so you should be fine.

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ella Says:

I have come of these methotrexate 11 days ago was my last lot I took which was 6 2.5 mg can I have a drink now I have stopped these

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Mishla Says:

I have been reading posts I am being given methotrexate for bullous pemphgpid have thoughts

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Tamara Wagner Says:

IT CAN INTERACT BIG TIME BY INCREASING INR LEVELS AND BLEEDING RISK! I have to take both. contact your Coumadin clinic or provider that monitors your WARFARIN. they will adjust dose and monitor you closely.This is directly from the doctors and pharmacists I talked to. The important part is to ensure you keep contact with your WARFARIN provider and methotrexate provider. if you don't have home inr monitoring ask your doctor. it's been a godsend for me!

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Tamara Wagner Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

it does react just not directly. it should be listed. it can be taken together but as I replied above one must always stay in contact with their WARFARIN provider. only they. can tinker doses to keep your INR from going sky high causing. hemmorhage risk.

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