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Methadone Doctor

Hi. I need to find help. I am addicted to pain pills and would really like to get off of them. I have tried methadone and it works, i just need help finding a doctor to prescribe it for me. I live in Michigan. If anyone knows could you please help me? I cant go to a clinic because i dont live near one. I live in the upper penninsula but would drive downstate to get a doctor..... ## I need a doctor who prescribes methadone or methadose in Brooklyn NY. ASAP ## Hey NeedHelp, I use to live in MI too and I lived in Northern Michigan and had the same trouble as you. You have to to ask your self first, how bad do you want to get off the pain killers. Methadone is a great way to stop craving the other drugs you use and saves you a lot of money while keeping you off the street drugs. You are goi...

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Methadone/Methadose discontinued?

I have been taking Methadose for 4 years and recently the shape of the pills was changed and they do not give me any pain relief. What could be the reason? The pharmacists say all other forms of Methadone and Methadose have been discontinued. Is that true? ## Well when a drug is available for generic manufacture, there are literally hundreds of companies that can make it, which you get from your pharmacy depends on which they were able to get cheapest. Now, unfortunately, even though they try to tell you that generics are exactly the same as the name brand, the truth is that they aren't! The law allows them to differ by as much as plus or minus 20% in the active ingredient, so a company that isn't really strictly picky about their products could provide a pill labeled 100mgs and...

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methadose vs methadone

I have been on methadone maintenance several different times over the past twenty years. Previously, I always received powder methadone dissolved in Tang. On several occasions I found myself in a situation where my methadone was not available to me for a given period of time. While on methadone, the withdrawal symptoms did not even begin for approximately three days after ceasing administration. Now I am on a similar dose of liquid Methadose and I wake up in withdrawal every morning. What more do you need to know in order to be convinced that the two products are dissimilar? ## Methadose is just a brand name of Methadone made by Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals. No difference.

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Need a chronic pain doctor

I live in Jasper, Alabama and have been on methadone for 15 years. It's the only thing that's helped during my chemo or when my ruptured disc are bothering me. The doctor I had just up and left and left all his patients hunting a new doctor. Does anyone know a doctor in or around Jasper or Birmingham that I can see that writes Methadone? ## Really, your best bet is to see a new doctor and make sure they get your medical records, so they can speak for themselves. Asking a doctor to prescribe a specific medication is often seen as being drug seeking behavior. Does anyone else have any suggestions to offer? ## Yeah, I'd definitely move from the deep South as fast as possible. Sorry about the comment Florida sounds like your closest bet to find an outpatient treatment center for...

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Methadose Uses

Is this a pain pill? Please tell me what it is for? ## i have been on methadone. for cronic pain relief fot degenertive back disease,i have done & used about all narc. meds.methadone is the best for a person that has to take narc. pain relief for a long period of time,it also blocks out other narc.main meds. so if your also pron to taking other meds. for high or whatever methadone will block that out and keep you with pain help and doing you no good to take anything for a high.botrtom line methadone is the best pain relief that will also start you off on the right track...hope this will help.i have been taking methadone for over 3 years,i know what im talking about.. ## I dont agree with methadone at all it killed my brother in law i came home one day and found him dead on my couch ...

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dr. who can prescribe methadone

I have just moved to Harrisburg, PA. I found a pain management clinic who will prescribe my methadone (I have been taking Methadone for pain management for 5-6 years), however they have asked that I find another doctor. I was told by pain management clinic that I am the only patient they prescribe methadone for. Does anyone know of a doctor in the Harrisburg, PA area that prescribes methadone for pain management? ## Due to the severe addiction issues associated with it, it is not usually prescribed for pain, unless it has failed to respond to all other treatments. That said, it can be prescribed by any doctor with a valid medical license, finding one that is willing to do it, however, is going to be the tough part. When you go somewhere and are asking for a specific medication, especial...

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Searching for pain clinic that prescribes methadone

I am a male in my mid 40's. I live in the Charlotte n.c. area. I've been on methadone for the better part of 12 years and I have come to believe it is a miracle drug. I am a retired Auto Worker with multiple injuries and multiple surgeries. I do not nor have I ever used street drugs. I am a non drinker, and as you can imagine I ran the gauntlet with every single pain medication out there. I do not like being high. I don't like being slowed or have any of my senses retarded in anyway. methadone does not do that to me. it cures my pain and I have a quality of life. I have 5 children so I had live a very active life. As a pain clinic patient I follow all the rules to t. I don't understand as long as I've been a pain patient I have a decade-long of clean urinary analysis...

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methadose 10mg oblong pill M 57 71

it is a squared shape and it has a m inscribed on one side of it w/ a box around it on the other side it has the numbers 57 71 ## What you are describing is actually the 10 mg of Methadone (generic equivalent) manufactured by Mallinckrodt. Here is an image depicting various possible appearances of this drug ... Do you have any other questions or information to add? Please post back if you do... ## i have benn prescribed methadone 10 mg for 5 pills twicw a day i was receveiving 300 a month, i was in a car accident that broke my back in 3 differeent places and was in a body cast for 6 months. i alson received 90 loratab 10s 3 per day i have documents from the pharmarcy stating all this. my doctor is no longer in preactic so will u please help me ## I have found the brand Mallinckrodt to ...

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methadose tablets 50 mg or slightly higher

I'm looking for a Doctor Who will prescribe methadone wafers I have been a clinic client for a very long time I have been bringing my dose down I've been having issues with that I need to find a Doctor Who will prescribe me what I need to do to my Cesar issues which I have been Working out I just think that this would be a better way for me to treat myself even if it was a weekly pick up prescription ## Unfortunately, in the U.S. under current FDA law, a regular doctor cannot prescribe it for you, if you've been taking it from an addiction clinic. It is only allowed to be prescribed by someone specially trained in its use and must be done in a clinical setting. The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as naus...

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methadone is very deadly my brother in law lost his life to methadone he is no longer alive becouse a docter priscribed it to him now hes gone i came home and found him dead on my couch ## Methadone only kills if not used properly- like most drugs. the problem is, most folks on methadone have had a street addiction and are still looking for the high. methadone does not get you high. it manages withdrawal and or maintainence for drug abusers and most recently chronic pain sufferers, because it lasts 24 hrs. hate to say it, but your brother had to die from a combination of drugs, not just methadone ## ###### I'm sorry for your loss. I have taken Methadone and Xanax AS PRESCRIBED for 30 years [120 milligrams Methadone.....2 bars daily] and I have had a wonderful life. There are times I...

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methadose oral tab

i have been described this medicine how long does this pill stay in tour body to help the pain?? ## Your prescription should tell you how often to take it, and you should not take it more often than that without checking with your physician. ## why would anyone want to take methadone my brother in law is dead becouse of it it took his life i wouldnt priscribe it to anybody if i was a docter ever.He cant be replaced ever and now we will never get to talk any more becouse of methadone it has taken many lives i think it should be band from getting whos dumb ass even made the pill. ## Methadone is a very good pain relieving medication. I have been taking Methadone for 11 years and it has enabled me to enjoy some quality of life I would not have had otherwise. Methadone is a naturally long a...

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Methadone Program

I am from ND and in dire need of finding a doctor who can prescribe me Methadone. I have been battling drug abuse for 10+ years and have gone through many treatment facilities. I have done my research and want to move on with my life by getting on a Methadone program. PLEASE HELP! ## The problem with Methadone is that many people never truly get drug free, even after using the treatment programs. They often end up requirng a lifetime maintenance dose of it. You may be better of with Suboxone, which is fairly new, but has helped many people taper off of and completely beat their drug addiction. It contains the opiate Buprenoprhine. You can read about it here: To see if there is a doctor in your area that provides treatment with it, you can check out the website: Click Here I...

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Methadone doctor in Pennsylvania

I live in Harrisburg, PA. I'm looking for a pain management Dr. or doctor who will prescribe methadone. I've been on the med for several years. Just moved here. ## I am not familiar with doctors in that area, I used to live in PA, but never there. I am not sure if they will prescribed it for pain management, but there is a website that lists treatment centers near you: Methadone Treatment Click Here Does anyone else have any ideas to help? ## my family dr has prescribed me methadone for over 3 yrs she says i think you need to see a pain management dr will just prescribe me the meds she has been giving me ## Thank you for your reply. Right now my family doctor is prescribing my meds, but wants me to find a pmd. So I'm still searching. Finding a pmd is not the problem though. ...

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I was recently prescribed methadose for my pain. I have heard oxycontin works better for chronic pain. Does anyone know, or have had personal experience about the two drugs? Which one would be the safest for the long run? ## i have been on both pain meds(oxycontin for years, then fentanyl patch & ultimately methadose.) I strongly feel that methadone is a MUCH better pain reliever but it must not be abused. Im sure that the long term effects arent good for either but if you are seeing a Dr thats prescribing Methadone, he should also be doing regular lab test. to test your level. it can store in your fat. over all, if i had my way- id stay on methadone. its much better than oxycontin.

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methadose 40mg.

methadose 40mg. ## looking for online pharmacy to purchase 40mg methadose ## Trying to identify a small round pill that is light pink in color and has an imprint of the letter L on one side? ## 40mg methadone is no longer available. Can i still get 40mg methadose? ## Catwalker, do you have any other information about this drug's discontinuation ? There were several manufacturers of the 40 mg dose. Generic 40 mg Methadone was manufactured by Mallincrodt. So was the 40 mg Methadose, so if the manufacturer completely discontinued that dose then it might be hard to find. Only other thing which is coming up is called Diskets, which is a 40 mg dose manufactured by Cebert Pharmaceuticals. Hope this helps...

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white round methadose on top and a 5 on bottom on the back of the pill there is an indented line I am trying to find out what it is. ## This is Methadose 5mgs, Methadone 5mgs, this is dispersable Methadone, a very strong narcotic used for severe pain relief and also to help people recover from drug addiction. ## Here is an image depicting various possible appearances of Methadone ... Do you have any other questions or information to add? Please post back if you do...

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Methadose doctor in kissimmee that give methadose

where can i get prescrition for methadose in kissimmee fl. ## What do you need Methadose for? Do you need it for pain, or for opiate addiction? If yoou need it for addiction, just look in the yellow pages for Clinics. If you need it for pain, and you have a diagnosed reason for taking it, all you have to do is find a pain management doctor.If you have never used methadone for pain before, I doubt you can find a doctor to prescribe it until you get a diagnoises. I know a lot about this subject because I have been on methadone maintenence for 25 years, Be careful as this is a wonderful drug for pain, and addiction, but if abused, it can be deadly. Dont mix it with alcohol, benzos or any other CNS depressent. Hope this helps PHN

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How long does Methadose stay in blood stream?

My husband was prescribed Methadose. How long does it stay in your blood stream? ## How long does methadose stay in your system/blodstream/body? Is methadose the same as roxicodone? ## NO they are not the same, Methadose is a time release Methadone, and Roxicodone is a regular release version of Oxycodone, they are both narcotics, but two entirely different drugs. As to how long it stays in your blood stream, that can vary depending on the dosage you are taking and how often you are taking it, so your best bet for that would be to ask your pharmacist or the prescribing doctor.

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Oxycontin vs. Methadose

After car accident in '86, 3 wk coma, i tried all pain meds. found oxycontin to be the best. although it definitely does not last 12 hrs. more like 6-8. 18 yrs later, taking 400mg a day, i decided at least the pain goes with me everywhere, all the time. my life was circled around when i got my rx. the first few yrs weren't bad, but after ahole Lumbar screwed it for us people who aren't trying to get high, just manage our pain. I say manage, because no matter what you take, it will never go completely away. I describe it like your stereo being on 10, it's nerve racking & you can't even concentrate. When i was on meds it was on about a 3-4. Then i could at least hear and function somewhat. But the ever present fire was still in my head. It was getting harder & ...

Methadose and similar drug components

I was wondering if there are any drugs out their that has Medadose as one of it's componints? ## Methadose is the brand name of a drug, so this would not be the component of a different one. The active ingredient in Methadose is Morphine so that would be the component in a related drug, and yes it is available in many, by itself in both instant and controlled release forms and in some compound drugs. If, on the other hand, you are referring to Medidose, the answer is still the same, NO. This is a type of dosing system for meds, not a drug itself.

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