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Macrodantin Bad Reaction When Will It Leave? racing heart

I keep having a racing heart and I only took 25 mg of macrodantin and knew I was in trouble pretty quickly. The ER who was not interested in macrodantin did the usual tests and said I could go home. So, when will this leave? I had hives before a long time ago but never the racing heart and of course, my doctor is unavailable or I would have gone to them instead of the Urgent Care and the ER who didn't give me any instructions on what to do about the Macrobid - how long before it leaves? I know everyone is different. I must take the cake. I'd rather take erthromycin for a really long time which is somewhat resistant but it's better than a racing heart and is useful for keeping my strength up while I work on strengthening my immune system and/or non antibiotics to treat utis. ...

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Macrodantin & Amoxicillin

I am taking Macrodantin capsules for a UTI bid for 9 days but it's not working. I want to switch to Amoxicillin 500mg. How long do I have to wait to begin the Amoxicillin? ## If your doctor approves, there shouldn't be any reason to wait, you should be able to make a clean switch from one to the other at the next dosing time. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, diarrhea, and non-allergic skin rash. Are you on any other medications that could be causing UTI symptoms, or issues? ## I actually received Ciprofloxacin 500mg twice daily , that has helped , Thank you for responding !

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allergic reaction to Macrodantin

I was prescribed macrodantin for a UTI and I had a severe allergic reaction to it. Can i switch to amoxicillin right away? And how long will it take for the allergic reaction to subside? ## What symptoms did you experience? When I had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic it took several weeks for them to fully clear up. You can switch, as long as your doctor approves. The NIH lists the typical side effects of Amoxicillin as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, non-allergic skin rash, and diarrhea. Are you on any other medications?

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reactions to long term use of macrobid

I am on round 3 of macrobid for a UTI that won't go away. Mainly, I have had two weeks of diarrhea and wonder how common this is. I am working with a new urogynecologist to get rid of UTI but wondered if I am going to have diarrhea forever. ## No, while diarrhea can be a side effect, as reported by the FDA, it should go away within a week or two of your finishing your course of treatment. Other side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache, and non-allergic skin rash. Have they cultured the bacteria to see specifically what caused it? This may not be the right antibiotic to treat all types of bacteria that can cause UTI's. ## I've read that Macrobid can cause pulmonary problems, in particular a chronic cough. Patients should also be monitored if they are taki...

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who makes nitrofur. want to get paper to fill out to get it free nitrofur from company . i cant afford them ## Hello, Bobbie! How are you? There is a program available for the name brand, Macrodantin, through the manufacturer Procter & Gamble, you can call for more information 800-830-9049. Learn more Macrodantin details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## what company makes Temazepam. need a free program. cant afford it ## You cant buy them, you need a prescription

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does macrodantin contain sulpha

what are the ingredients in macrodantin? is this a sulphur drug? ## Nitrofurantoin is the main ingredient in Macrodantin, which is an antibiotic. It is usually used in treating urinary tract infections. Like many other drugs, it is often used for killing E Coli. Click on the link below for more information about this drug... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## there is NO sulfa in the molecular strusture of macrodantin ## I have been allergic to sulfa based drugs my whole life. I recently went to the er and they gave me macrodantin. 2 days after the use of macrodantin I had to return to the er in a different county. I was having a sulfa drug reaction. I was having problems breathing. Rash everywhere. Fever diereah. Swelling of my face han...

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Macrodantin from dentist

My dentist has prescribed macrodantin for a tooth infection but I have read that it is for urinary infections. Has he given me the correct medication as I don't know whether to take it or not ## Hello, Jas! How are you? This is just an antibiotic, so while it is used treat UTIs, it will also work in other areas of the body to eradicate harmful bacteria, as well. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, non-allergic skin rash and diarrhea. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Macrodantin capsule information

It was dispensed as a grey capsule, just wondering the pros and cons ## My mother died in 1987. A significant contributor to her death was the drug Macrodantin. She suffered interstitial fibrosis from the use of this drug. The doctors treating her were blissfully unaware of the problem. Now that I am getting older, it worries me even more that many doctors prescribe drugs as if they were candy! ## Macrodantin is a brand name for the antibiotic Nitrofurantoin, it is most commonly used to treat UTIs and it may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, non-allergic skin rash and diarrhea. I am very sorry for your loss. Was you mother elderly? In the past few years, there have been some warnings coming out about this being used in elderly people and their being more susceptible to dang...

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Macrodantin effect on blood presure

I am taking macrodantin for a urinary-urethra infection. I have quickly shown a large increase in blood pressure. I also wear an Interstim device for a sluggish bladder. Would this possibly affect blood pressue when taking nitro-fur? ## I can't find anything saying that it does so. Learn more Macrodantin details here. However, have you had any other unusual effects from taking it, such as skin rash, hives or swollen glands? I'm asking because I had a high blood pressure elevation when I had a bad reaction to an antibiotic. It turned out I was allergic to it.

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generic pill finder indentify

WHITE ROUND IMPRINT TCL OVER 727 ## It is a yellow (all over) capusle with MO2 written on one side and there is some kind of a marking on the other side. Can it be Macrodantin... at least a generic, possibly Mexican version of this drug??? ## pink in color rectangle has 50,25 25,50 mg written on one side and apo 150 ## APO 150 contains 150mgs of Trazodone, a generic for Desyrel, this is antidepressant, also sometimes used to treat insomnia. Some of the most common side effects include: nausea, dry mouth, drowsiness and dizziness. ## I cannot find a listing for the other two tablets mentioned, does anyone have any information on these? ## I FOUND A PILLIN MY NEW HOUSE I JUST MOVED INTO AND WAS CLEANING AND FOUND A WHITE PILL ITS ROUND AND ITS PRETTY BIG.THE ONLY IMPRINTS IT HAS ARE A LAR...

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Hello Ive Been Taking Macrodatin Capsules 100mg For 3x A Day Now This Bladder Infection And Peeing Alot Is Normol

Hey Ive had bladder infection, went to the doctors and they've given me MACRODANTIN CAPSULES 100mg to take 3x a day and its the yellow capsules but seriously been going alot to the toilet to pee, now is this normol to be going to pee alot? ## Well, it could be caused by the medication, or due to the bladder infection itself, so it's a bit difficult to say which one, but yes, it is something you'd experience from either one. Learn more Macrodantin details here. If it's excessive, however, you should talk to your doctor, as you may end up getting dehydrated.

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Macrodantin 50mg Capsules

can i use macrodantin for an infection i have in my gumes ## Macrodantin contains the active ingredient Nitrofurantoin, so it is an antibiotic, but it's most commonly used to treat urinary tract infections. Have you had a doctor, or dentist confirm that it's an infection? If it is, you might require a different antibiotic to properly treat it.

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Fourantoin Also Named Macrodantin

I was prescribed fourantoin for treating urinary tract - e-coli. I took it for two and a half weeks. Atll this period I suffered strond leg cramps. The cramps stopped immediately after I finished taking the medicine. A day after I finished taking the medicine - I suffered first time in my life heart palpitations. Can these be side affects of the medicine? ## Have you contacted your doctor? It has been known to have some cardiac effects in very rare cases, but you really should check with your doctor to be certain. There can also be other causes. Do you have high blood pressure? Do you take any other medications?

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macrodantin and loratadine histamine

I have just been prescribed Macrodantin for a UTI, 5 hours after taking this, I have shortness of breath a little bit of tightness in neck. So thought I would take an antihistamine to take away the feeling. Is it ok to take these two together for the duration of my treatment which is 7 days?

watson capsule 3250

black and yellow capsule ## Macrodantin (Nitrofur Mac 50 mg)50 mg was prescribed by my urologist. My last presription given by the pharmacy was red and white. This pill is yellow and black with Watson 3250 inscribed on it. Was I dispensed the wrong dosage by the pharmacy this time? ## Yes, you did receive a different dosage, the one marked Watson 3250 is a 100mg capsule, not 50mg. If you are supposed to be on 50mgs, then you need to take that prescription back to your pharmacy and inform them of the error so they can provide you with the correct dosage.

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right pill

is the generic ivax yellow&black capsules i have been on these for years and neverhad this color are they the same pill i have ic diease and take 1 daily and want to make sure right pill. thanks ## Could you please identify the following pill: Black and yellow capsule with the imprint code RX518 ## Well IVAX is the name of the pharmaceutical company, not the product itself. What should the name of the drug be? I am having difficulty finding that imprint, but I might be able to find it easier it you said what drug it was supposed to be, like I said, Ivax is the company that makes them and they make many meds.

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