Macrodantin Bad Reaction When Will It Leave? Racing Heart

Mylan Bestie Says:

I keep having a racing heart and I only took 25 mg of macrodantin and knew I was in trouble pretty quickly. The ER who was not interested in macrodantin did the usual tests and said I could go home. So, when will this leave? I had hives before a long time ago but never the racing heart and of course, my doctor is unavailable or I would have gone to them instead of the Urgent Care and the ER who didn't give me any instructions on what to do about the Macrobid - how long before it leaves? I know everyone is different. I must take the cake. I'd rather take erthromycin for a really long time which is somewhat resistant but it's better than a racing heart and is useful for keeping my strength up while I work on strengthening my immune system and/or non antibiotics to treat utis.

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Mylan Bestie Says:

I'm replying to myself. I just spoke to Urgent Care. Believe it or not, for those skeptics out there, I spoke to UC this a.m. Erythromycin is the med of choice for this uti. The macrodantin did not work in the culture. Erythromycin for this is the least side effects and it just takes longer for it to stop the uti. It's all about the culture. Now, still need to get this macrodantin out of my system.

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David Says:

According to, Macrodantin (nitrofurantoin macrocrystals) has a plasma half life of approximately 20 to 60 minutes in adults with normal renal function after a therapeutic oral dose. So every 20-60 minutes, half of the dose you took is leaving your system...and then half of that half & so forth every 20-60 minutes.


I hope you get around to feeling better soon!

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