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I was discharged from pain management cuz my exwife wrote the doc n said I was selling my pills. My UA was positive for opiates but he still discharge

I need to find find a docor but noone will treat me I was doing fine on mscontin 40 mg three times a day and ms contin 15 mg a day for breakthrough pain I've never sold my meds I need them I can barely stand up straight my wife has to get me out of bed put me to bed I've lost 4 jobs in 9 years.. please what can I do? ## Hi ed, Sorry to hear about what happened between you and your ex wife. I'm no relationship expert here, but if I could suggest anything at all, the first thing I would personally do in such a situation is completely cut any ties with your ex, since that's where the problem seems to be stemming from. If they decided to keep her letter on file under your name, then it may be a good idea to really try and work with other doctors to regain some level of trust...

What If Ms Contin Got Wet

I take 30 mg MS Contin for cronic pain. Went to take it very early in the morning. Was several hours earlier than usual because i had woken around 4:30am in alot of pain! I was very sleepy and had the perscription bottle sitting next to sink as i started to fill my glass with water. i had one pill in hand and a glass in the other with the water running. As i leaned forward to fill my glass, i knocked my pill bottle over into the sink! At least 8 were really wet, a couple more were a lil wet. I know not to crush, cut, or chew them cause of the warnings on the bottle... but are they unsafe if they had gotten a lil wet? The 8 pills were too wet, but what of the others? I set them aside for now but dont know if i should even keep them or if they will make me sick if i take them. I will cont...

Expired Kadian/MS Contin

As a patient with decades of spinal OA, I have a drawer of old narcotics that didn't seem to work well at the time: less effectice, too strong... In fact what I have discovered, in an attempt to keep my doses low, rotating them works best for me. The question I have is how old is too old, and what is the result of expired time release narcotics. Do they simply become less effective? Dangerous? Does the time-release componant degrade in a way that makes taking it completely inadvisable. I am aware that, in general, pharmacutical companies give expiration dates that are geared to their financial needs, not necessarily chemistry. ## I need to know if taking expired Kadian is dangerous.14 months expired will it still work? ## Hi, my name is Chris. I also find rotating meds mainly opiate...

PF and M 15 blue pill

round blue pill with the letters pf on one side and an m and a 15 on the otherside ## Its MS Contin 15mg CR and they are original morphine. They are highly potent and are most dangerous when combined with alcohol. ## These tablets are manufactured by Purdue Pharma and they list them as being 15mgs Ms Contin tablets, which contain Morphine in a time released formulation. NDC: 59011-0260 This medication carries the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, constipation, and headache. Inactive ingredients may include: Cetostearyl Alcohol Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (140 Mpa.s At 5%) Hypromelloses Magnesium Stearate Polyethylene Glycols Talc Titanium Dioxide Fd&c Blue No. 2 Lactose Polysorbate 80 Is there anything else I can help with?

Substitute for Oxycontin ER

My neurologist prescribed Oxycontin 20mg 3xday. I can only get brand. I have been taking it for months and doesn't help. I am afraid of fillers put in to it. I am looking for substitute ER. My insurance covers MS Contin ER. Does anyone think this is a better way to go? Please reply as I will ask my doctor on 19th? Sue ## If anyone has info on substitute for Oxicontin ER 20mg 3 x day please suggest. This med does not work and I am afraid of fillers. They r dangerous. Would MS contain ER be better? I am seeing my neurologist on 19th. My insurance covers this med. Any suggestions would be helpful. Sue ## It's OxyContin and it doesn't work probably because it's time released. The MS Contin sucks the OxyContin is definitely better so if your having problems with it ask your d...

MS Contin no longer available at pharmacies

I need to find a pharmacy near my house in Dunedin Florida that carries ms contin 60 milligrams that I can pay for with my United Healthcare Community Plan Mplus. Is MS Contin no longer available at pharmacies in Pinellas County? How can I find a pharm availability of ms contin 60 milligrams in Pinellas County, Florida? ## Hello, Karen! How are you? Sorry about the problem that you're having. There are a couple of problems going on that have contributed to the current shortage and I'll explain them for you… The first thing that happened is mainly exclusive to the east coast and mostly in Florida… pharmacies have a set limit of how much they can order and keep in stock each month of any controlled substance, once they run out for the month, they are not allowed to ord...

new drug prescribing laws

I have been seeing the same pain management doctor in Ohio for over 12 years for degenerative disc disease with radiculopathy and sciatica. She put me on 60mg MS Contin ER q 12 and 5-10 mg Oxycodone prn for break through pain. Now she tells me that I have to wean down to 60 mg Morphine Equivalent per day because of the new federal laws. I was able to enjoy an active lifestyle and now at 60 mg bid I am miserable and unable to do or enjoy anything. She is forcing me to go to a neuropathology doc for more injections, ablations and physical therapy which I have been through many times before without success. I worked in surgery for 36 years and refuse to go that route because most of the patients had multiple surgeries, each one making them worse. Is she being honest about these laws or jus...

how does hepatitis c affect elimination of drugs from urine

I have hepatitis c and occasionally take ms contin,percocet and other prescription opiates(without a prescription)for probation.I am also approximately 50 lbs overweight and fairly innactive.How much longer will the opiates stay detectable in my urine? ## Downerhead-it depends on your amount of viral load being processed, liver damage, BMI. SO many things!!! More importantly, the pain meds ALL have additives that kill the liver faster-seriously. Acetaminophen is the worst-it leave permanent traces that the exhausted. ## I have been withdrawing for over 13 months , I was on 12 30 mg of oxiconde per day. One 60 mg of morphine sulfate er 0ne 100 mg of morphine sulfate er. Soma three times a day, 20mg of adderall 1thee times a day, and kolpion 1mg three times a day. I could not find a tream...

switch from ms contin to opana will i get withdrawal

I have been taking ms contin 15 mg twice a day for a few months and raking it about 4 or 5 times a day the last 4 days since i ran out of my pain dr switched me to opana er 10mg every 12 hours and By some miracle i got it filled today i just wondered if i will have withdrawal from the ms contin even though im still taking the norco and opana. I know before my dr told me if i was still taking opiates i would not get any withdrawals but i ran out kf norco before and had only a little ms contin and had a horrible headache and a little stomach ache so i am sure that is not true i am just afraid as i will be travelling in the next 2 days to visit sick relative. ## No, you shouldn't suffer withdrawals with this dosage, because your doctor has actually raised it. You only need 5mg...

What do you when your dr of over 10 years retires and you can't find another?

I have chronic pain and my dr. prescribed ms contin for me around 10 years ago. Now my dr. has retired and I cant find a dr. to see me because of the meds. I have no idea what to do and am scared. What do I do? ## I would suggest going to a Pain Management Clinic. There most likely is one nearby, as they are popping up everywhere due to the need to control narcotic medication levels. Many family doctors will not prescribe narcotic pain medicine to use long-term. Most doctors will refer you to a Pain Clinic to manage your pain. You should be able to talk to someone in his office, assuming it is still open, and they can refer you to a Pain Clinic. If not, get out the phone book, call one, and sed if you can make an appointment without a referral. Make sure you take a list of all your medi...

MS Contin prescription withdrawal

Im a 58 yr old woman. I'm bipolar, reclusive and my husband is an over the road trucker. 4 years ago i was put on Percocet 10/325. The dr missed a broken shoulder bone so i switched Drs who added MS Contin. I had rotator cuff surgery but within 3 months I went to bed at Thanksgiving and woke up at the hospital on Xmas. I had severe pneumonia - they induced the coma as my oxygen was mid 60s, and after 3 chest tubes failed, they had to go in and physically debride my lung. So besides shoulder to wrist pain I have phantom nerve pain over that scar. My dr told me the nerves cant connect. I don't take street drugs, nor seek drugs, but my vision is bad and my husband left a tablet in a dish by my chair which i thought was a Percocet and took it. Well, it wasn't. I knew i was going...

Ms Contin Patient Assistance

I am on medicare in Wisconsin. I am on ms contin er 15mg tablets. I get them at cvs. I'm wondering if there is any way to get them cheaper? Seems like discounts aren't often allowed on medicare. ## Hi Jet, I'm not sure if Medicare allows patients to use pharmacy coupons in conjunction with their service, but I did want to add that MedsChat offers a free Rx Savings Card that can be used at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide for an average discount of 15-75% off your medication. It might be worth presenting it at your next refill just to see what the dollar cost comes out to. If the savings outweighs what medicare provides, it may be practical to use it instead. Another idea is to ask the pharmacy about any patient assistance programs that the manufacturer offers (if any). I ho...

Mylan Ms Contin

My pharmacy was out of my regular brand ms contin, I had to wait a few days (they suddenly didn't have the medication I got there for over 10 years. seems strange to me. A day or two after I started taking these, my leg pain came back, I have burning pain all the time, with my regular brand ( I think they are by Purdue) small darker blue pills, I never had pain even if I overworked my leg. These new ones are larger and made by mylan, they seem to work ok in the morning, but the pain gets worse when I usually do things in the afternoon. The others stay with me all day, I start to get pain late in the evening a few hours before my next pill is due. I have learned to live with the others,got things I needed to be done, with these I can see me becoming a couch potato. Has anyone experie...

MS Contin and breakthrough pain

I am taking 15mg MS Contin 4 times a day and I still have several periods of severe pain that come out of nowhere. They usually last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour and can be so severe that they bring me to my knees. Could this be breakthrough pain? I have an appointment with my pain doctor in the morning, but I want to see what others think so I can try to be prepared when I talk to him. I want to ask for something for these periods of severe pain. What works best with MS Contin? Thanks for your help! ## Yes, breakthrough pain is quite normal for someone to experience, when they suffer from something that causes severe and/or chronic pain. There are several medications that you can try to help with it, when it hits like that. Most doctors usually use an instant release medication ...


I am looking for information on ms contin use after gastric bypass. My previous dose is just not cutting it but my surgeon said I shouldn't have any problems. Anyone else had Roux-en-Y gastric bypass? Is there a suggested alternative and formula? ## So you were on a ms cr before surgery & after? If so, notice any difference in the absorption? I'm really concerned cuz sometimes I dont seem to absorb enough & other times it feels like it adsorbed all at once! Afraid of thst happening with the ms cr.... ## i had stomach surgery few years back and have been on ms contin er for about a feels like i am not absorbing my medicine and feel as thou i am always fighting off withdrawl symptoms...i have mentioned this to y doctor but feel i am not being beleived...i am frus...

Pain Management Doctors in DELAWARE

I just moved to delaware and am looking for a dr.that will continue my pain meds! I have done unhections n pt n found tht meds work beat for me. For people in TRUE NEED of pain meds it is very difficult to find help! And they wonder why people have to find them on the street?! I would never go that route bit i can understand ## HI Kimberly, Unfortunately, no one can really know ahead of time what a doctor is or is not willing to prescribe, as that is based on the doctor's discretion and not on someone else's previous appointment (especially since many doctor's are now worried about losing their licensing for prescribing too many narcotics). Some advice I can give you is to not specifically ask for any 'specific medication' when you see a new doctor. Just make sure to...

orange pill abg and 60... is this morphine or oxy

I picked up my script and was given different pills. my script is for oxycontin but i think these are morphine. They are small orange round pills with ABG on one side and 60 on the other... what are they?? any help would be great. ## you are correct-it's morphine 60 mg or aka MS Contin ## Yes, Greg is correct. The same answer was also posted in a related discussion thread. It seems like this is commonly being mistaken as Oxycontin when it is in fact Morphine Sulfate CR 60 mg. Please feel free to post back if there are any other questions or information to add about this. ## AS A RULE OF THUMB ms& oxy after ten mg is oxy goes 10 20 40 80 160 mg ms cotin would be 15 30 60 and 100 mg ## purple or dark blue size of ms cotin 30 mg blank on one side S193 on outher was with my ms 100 m...

Pain meds and the government

Has anyone with severe chronic pain been told by their pain management doctor's that they and everyone else has to come below 90 mg of ms contin a day because of the DEA? Well, my doctor is. In the past 4 month's, he's taken me down from a comfortable level to now in half until he gets me to 30 mg x3 a day. I've read a lot of these post's, yet I've not read anywhere about the government getting involved. Are we the only one's? Also, I've been to the best of the best doctor's, and they've all said there's nothing they can do for me. My spine is shot. A pain pump was recommended, but the risks outweighed the benefits, according to Stanford Pain Management. So, what am I supposed to to with this? Any help would be a great kindness. ## Hello, Tara...

Doctors in Pittsburgh,PA who will take over my 8 year history with pain medications

I have chronic lower bak pan and have for 20 years. MRI's show buldging discs,stenosis&Degenerative Disc Disease. Been on the same pain meds for 8 years now-MS Contin 30mg 2Xday and Vicodin 7.5/750mg 2-3 X day. Now, Primary Doctor suddeny is recommending weening me off ad has started the process aainst my will. My pain continues. Ive not been "cured". The meds make it so that I can liveon ad move. There has been no options suggested to me except getting my pain back. Im afraid and need help finding a Doctor who iswilling to writethe scripts. I have not asked for any increase in my meds for 6 years now and am not looking to do this now either.I tow the line and play no games. I just need help please.Thak you sincerely. ## Hello, Darren! How are you doing? Sorry about the ...

MS Contin Manufacturer

Does Purdue Pharma still manufacture MS Contin? If not, has the patent been sold to another producer? ## The name brand MS Contin is still owned and manufactured by Purdue Pharma, according to FDA listings, but there are generics, and other formulations available. They also warn that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as dizziness, headache, drowsiness, dry mouth, and constipation. Do you have any other questions?


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