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jan ronk Says:

have you had any success in transferring by company's decision to withdraw mebaral from the market with another medication?

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jan ronk Says:

Lundbeck has decided to stop making it and no other drug company has picked it up.

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Anna B Says:

Jan, I saw your posts on a different forum. My father has been on mebaral for 37 years. It is the only thing that works for him. He was never notified by his doctor or pharmacist about it being discontinued. We found out last night when he went to pick up his prescription and they didn't have any left in stock. Thank god they found 3 more weeks worth today. He is talking to his doctor tomorrow. I am worried sick about him. He did not have time to start winging off of the mebaral and sine no one knew this was happening there is no game plan on how to handle this. I'm scarred his seizures will come back uncontrolled and then the side effects of just stopping the Meds sound horrible! I feel like life as we knew it is over. What a screwed up thing this drug company has done to everyone that relies on this medication to live and have a normal life. If anything happens to my dad I will sue the hell out of lundbeck. The pharmacy was never notified and neither was his doctor.
How have you handled stopping the medication? And what did they switch you to? I am so furious at this company... They are horrible human beings for doing this and changing so many people's lives.

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Casey Says:

Has anyone switched to a different drug from Mebaral? My husband was on Mebaral for 31 yrs, and was never notified that it was being discontinued either. When we found out, he had 17 days left. He's on Phenabarbital along with Dilantin. The dr just added Kreppa to his medicines. Was just wondering what others switched to and how the transition was going?

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janronk Says:

had a seizure hows your father

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janronk Says:

How's it going?iohbk

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Casey Says:

My husband had a seizure a few weeks after being off the Mebaral. He had to just stop it right away, when we found out Mebaral was no longer being made, he only had 17 days left. The dr just went ahead and did a switch without weaning him off. He had warned us he might have a break through seizure, and we figure teh one he had was more from withdrawals. He had withdrawal type symptoms for a few weeks.... Sweats, tremors in his hands, having a hard time focusing, then the seizure. We believe in healing, and prayer. Mark has confessions he says every morning, and we both pray in agreement together that this won't last long, and the transition will be easier for him. The dr said his goal is to take him off dilantin and phenabarbitol completely, and he will only be on Keppra. That will be a process though... He is weaning him off of Dilantin now.

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janronk Says:

will he be alright? found research on Mebaral in Neurological journal in 1954 by dr. berris. it met the criteria. so what is going on. the last few months of my prescription looked different shade of white. did yours??

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Casey Says:

Yes, he will be fine. It's just been an adjustment. He's been off of Mebaral for a little over a month now (2/22 was his first day to come off). His dr also gave him Ativan to keep on hand...My husband has always been able to tell when he was going to have one - just a weird feeling and would be within a few hrs that he would have one. The Ativan helps their brain to not seize for 24 hrs. So, if he has the weird feeling, he can take that to be sure one is prevented while his body is getting leveled back out with the new meds and coming off the old. There was a website that someone started and I can't remember it right now... But you might find other people commenting over there. I'll see if I can remember it.

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