Lyrica And Urinary Issues


I have been taking Lyrica 75 mg 3xs a day for at least 10 years. These past few years I have been waking up with bladder pain and pressure every hour or so. Have been to Urologist, URI/Gynecologist, have had many tests and no one has an answer. I’m beginning to think my Lyrica has been causing it, but I definitely cannot go without Lyrica. It helps my Idiopathic Peripheral Neuropathy tremendously. Any thoughts or suggestions??

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Keep taking the Lyrica.

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Lyrica has been known to cause urinary issues as side effects, such as painful urination, burning during urination, urinary retention, urinary frequency, and urinary incontinence.

Ref: Lyrica Information

So, it is difficult to say what might be causing your issue, as it could be a side effect, or completely unrelated to the medication.

Are you on any other medications? Has anything else changed in your lifestyle recently? How old are you?

Sometimes these issues can be age related.

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I agree with your suggestion of age related. I am 83 but have had 3 or 4 UTI’s a year since my 20s. Every test imaginable and every antiobiotic. I am now Antiobiotic Resistant. Still no answer to my issues.

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This is terrible advice. That’s a terrible medication. I suffered from such bad fatigue I couldn’t even function, I was pretty sure it was from the gabapentin, my doctor kept saying it couldn’t possibly be from the gabapentin even though that is actually a side effect they list. Once I stopped taking the gabapentin my fatigue improved. Those are hard medication’s to get off of though, we in yourself down slowly if you choose to stop taking it

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Lyrica works great for me.

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