Loxapine Vs Geodon

Chrissy Says:

My sis has been bipolar -- mania mainly w very delusional thinking. My mom (passed) was a psychittic RN & went through hell & 30 diffs meds before finding loxapine finally "held" my sister (still disabled & delusional--wont treat her severe diabets, hypothyroid, or snemia) dorry for typis. Well w anniverssry of my moms death my sis lost it again & new dr wants to try Geodon (reg dr wants to increase lox,

Please help w any info!

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Chrissy! How is your sister doing?

They are both antipsychotics, but the Geodon is approved for treating bipolar disorder, so there's a chance that it may help her more. But you should likely sit down with both doctors and discuss their reasoning for their suggestions, then you can decide from there.

They both have similar side effect profiles, as listed by the FDA and may include nausea, dizziness, headache, sedation, somnolence and weight gain.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Chrissy Says:

Thanks so much for your reply. I have chronic pain -- and there is no shortage of information or replies if something is about pain meds -- when it comes to mental health which often lead some to the substance abuse forget about it they're so little information in comparison yet mental health is such an important issue. She has been struggling w her mental health/bi polar for decades--but only after gaining, then losing all that she worked for! Bipolar is destating--she was a "worker & a saver" lots of money in the bank, masters degree in biochemistry! New beach condo, single /religious & awesome job and then mid twenties it came totally Out of the Blue & as powerfully as one can imagine! Devastated her, my parents, and the stigma! I know i just did a mental offload but my mom was her primary care giver & my father (not the patience or ability "to not take it personally") but hevis eighties/stroke zone & she lost ut again. Her mania is rapid cycling & negative (her onset decades ago was classic but has chanfed over the years) she rages, severely irritatable & rational, major general anxiety w racing thoughts, & several fixed delusions--all these things make her extremely difficultv& care givers insane. She has been in the hospital for 3 weeks now ( i'm sure fear of my father's death cell of the family home all those things are setting her off how it scares all of us ) from what I know now the lox is a must but they just cannot seem to settle on anything for the mood portion as I see it now she's basically been untreated for the mood portion for sometime but it was " tolerated " but she can't go on like this in the hospital they started Trileptal for two days in combination with the lox but she continued to deteriorate they gave her inj's. of Geo-- Side note: her delusions also revolve around not mixing medications or becoming a drug addict which is equally insane so she doesn't want to try anything new and she genuinely get severe side effects and we are just all are with sand shoe was continued in voluntarily today and the dr. a new doctor now has added proxilin?

No one in my family cares no one can be bothered my father is the only one near her that cares but he physically cannot be around her so toxic and he's ready to pass he's trying to find permanent housing she has disability and money in the bank but she still thanks to my parents does have a condo to go to if she can find medications to stabilize and then with me checking in on her and other family members by phone everyone is ready to throw the towel in on her it's just too frustrating but it's a wasted life and devastating especially since my mother literally gave her life to stabilize her keep her engaged and functioning. She's almost regressed to like a child in summer specs some decisions and like a miser and frugal and intelligent on other things it's so frustrating but it's devastating any insights any insights on any of my verbal offload would be so appreciated. She takes zero responsibility and zero effort in her care and treatment she just refuses to participate or cooperate in her care I feel like if she got on a mood stabilizer or it might break the sickness long enough for her to get some insight.

Thank you in advance and thank you for your response.

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