Lorazepam 0.5mg Switched To Generic

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I have been taking a round white Lorazepam pill from Watson, now my refill is from Ranbaxy. Do they work as well?

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Claire Says:

I have been taking Lorazepam .5 mg to helpme sleep at night from Watson Pharm. 60 pills for $21.XX. Now the refill is from Ranbaxy Phar. and is lik $5.XX, I am afraid to take it, never heard of them. I told the Pharmacy not to change the Phar. company. Has anyone had this problem or any side effects?

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Steven Says:

Ranbaxy is the worst for lorazepam im sure you already accepted them and found out for your self. Next time stick to Watson only brand that i feel work's at 0.5mg but they do work well for such a small pill

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Verwon Says:

Since this is a generic medication, your pharmacy will usually switch which one they carry, depending on which manufacturer was offering the cheapest price at the time they needed to restock.

It's how they keep prices down for uninsured customers.

Learn more Lorazepam details here.

The price does not reflect the quality, since they all have to pass testing for efficacy and safety to be approved by the FDA and be available on the market.

What Steven says may be relevant for him, but not for everyone else, since we are all different. Someone else may find that the ones manufactured by Ranbaxy work better for them.

You really need to try them and see which ones work best for you.

Are there any other questions or comments?

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Claire Says:

thank you for the info, I took one pill an it was enough, no more. I told my pharmacist and he got me a supply from Watson, they have been very helpful, it is now on file. Thanks again

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Bob gard Says:

I am looking for help with anxiety attacks.....they have become so severe and puts my heart in a instant panic mode and scares me caus it feels like my heart it is going pound out of my chest.....please I need help in ordering this to see if it will help in managing my attacks that happen a hand ful a day!

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