Longterm Lunesta Use/cold Turkey Delayed Withdrawal Symptoms

Merrygold Says:

I took 3mg Lunesta for 2-3 years. Had taken Ambien a few years before switching. Due to a refill delay I ran out of Lunesta. It took ten days to fix the refill problem during which time I was forced into quitting cold turkey. For the first week, I had no problem sleeping and had no withdrawal symptoms. Suddenly on about the eighth day I had what seemed like the worst nightmare of my life and other withdrawal symptoms started. Since I had no problem for the first week, I had no idea what the withdrawal symptoms could be, and only looked them up after I started having nightmares, unwarranted anxiety, headaches, extreme exhaustion, irritability, eye twitches, nausea, etc. BUT, at least I was dreaming again, which it seemed I hadn't done since I started taking it. I figured I should be through the worst of it, so I'd stick with the plan of just not taking it any more. Neither my doctor or my pharmacist ever heard of Lunesta withdrawal symptoms that took a week to kick in. And all the reading I've done says there is no way to predict how long the symptoms will last. Could be anywhere from a week to months. It's been 16 days now, and my dreams are gradually becoming less disturbing, and I am falling asleep and staying asleep fairly well. But the irritability, confusion, anxiety, nausea, exhaustion and a frequent compromised gait continue. Has anyone ever heard of a delayed onset of withdrawal symptoms of what is supposed to be this short action sleep aid? Does anyone have any suggestions on another non-benzo aid to help relieve the symptoms? Any experience with how long withdrawal symptoms go on after such long use of these GABA A impacting drugs? Does taking oral GABA help? I think I can just tough it out for however long it takes. But it's not easy. I don't want to increase my stable Xanax dose while I'm kicking Lunesta. Alcohol makes the headaches worse. Reliable info seems difficult to come by. Most sites with advice are drug rehab sites or other sites with vested interests in saying the same things. I think mileage varies, and drug companies, rehab places and health-care professionals don't really know the totality of long term effects on the brain of these drugs that mess with your brain chemistry. Any input from personal experience or research is welcomed. Thanks.